Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics: Possible Interview Dates - ARCHIVED

Surveys and statistical programs – Documentation: 75F0002M1992002


When a survey respondent is asked to recall various events, it is known that the quality of the responses diminishes as the length of recall increases. On the other hand, increasing the frequency of data collection increases both the costs of collection and the burden on the respondents. The paper examines options which attempt to strike a reasonable balance between these factors. As it relates to this decision, the paper also describes how the sample has been designed to ensure that it remains representative of the target population, both for a given year and over time.

The conclusion is that, at this time, SLID should collect labour data in January to cover the previous calendar year and to collect income data in May, again to cover the previous calendar year.

Issue Number: 1992002
Author(s): Webber, Maryanne
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PDFFebruary 29, 2008