Job vacancies in 2011: Results of the Workplace Survey - ARCHIVED

Articles and reports: 75-004-M2016001


The 2011 Workplace Survey (WS) was an experimental survey funded by Employment and Social Development Canada. It was the first version of a cross-sectional survey that was to be conducted annually. It was meant to help improve the content and collection tools used for subsequent cycles. The survey covered job vacancies, among other things. According to that survey, there were 392,500 job vacancies in December 2011, representing 2.7% of all filled and unfilled positions in Canada that month. This article presents the results of the WS and examines whether the trends observed in the job vacancies are reflected in selected Labour Force Survey (LFS) indicators. Since the WS was a pilot survey and response rates varied depending on the question, some results cannot be provided.

Issue Number: 2016001
Author(s): Galarneau, Diane
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