Environmental Protection Expenditures in the Business Sector

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This document presents operating and capital expenditures made by primary and manufacturing industries in response to, or in anticipation of, environmental regulations and conventions. It also reports the use of environmental management processes and technologies including those used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by Canadian businesses. The results are from the Survey of Environmental Protection Expenditures. The data contained in Environmental protection expenditures in the business sector help to fill important gaps in existing information on the demand side of the 'environment industry'. More specifically, it provides a measure of the cost to the industry of adopting pollution prevention and abatement technologies and other environmental protection practices. The document presents comparisons of current year spending with previous years' expenditures.


Please note that preliminary data were used in this publication. Please refer to CANSIM tables 153-0052 to 153-0056; 153-0117 to 153-0120 for revised data.

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