Environment Accounts and Statistics Analytical and Technical Paper Series

Journals and periodicals: 16-001-M

Description: The series covers environment accounts and indicators, environmental surveys, spatial environmental information and other research related to environmental statistics. The technical paper series is intended to stimulate discussion on a range of environmental topics.
Notes: Starting with issue number 2009007, the series will be titled Environment Accounts and Statistics Analytical and Technical Paper Series
Previous ISSN number for Environment Accounts and Statistics Technical Paper Series, catalogue number 16-001-M was 1711-2796.
Frequency: Occasional
Available formats: HTML, PDF
TitlesRelease dateMore Information
Ecosystem Accounting in Canadian AgroecosystemsSeptember 13, 2023More information
Valuing the Salt Marsh Ecosystem: Developing Ecosystem AccountsNovember 8, 2022More information
International Trade in Environmental and Clean Technology Products by Origin and Destination, 2007 to 2017 - ARCHIVEDFebruary 18, 2019More information
Gasoline Evaporative Losses from Retail Gasoline Outlets Across Canada, 2009 - ARCHIVEDJanuary 23, 2012More information
Using a Trend-cycle Approach to Estimate Changes in Southern Canada's Water Yield from 1971 to 2004 - ARCHIVEDSeptember 13, 2010More information
Recycling by Canadian Households, 2007 - ARCHIVEDJuly 7, 2010More information
Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Private Vehicles in Canada, 1990 to 2007 - ARCHIVEDMay 13, 2010More information
Introducing a New Concept and Methodology for Delineating Settlement Boundaries: A Research Project on Canadian Settlements - ARCHIVEDFebruary 2, 2010More information
Drinking Water Decisions of Canadian Municipal Households - ARCHIVEDDecember 9, 2009More information
Personal Use Vehicles in Canada: Fuel Consumption Profile and Comparative Analysis of the 2007 Canadian Vehicle Survey Results - ARCHIVEDNovember 5, 2009More information
Agricultural Water Use Survey 2007, Methodology Report - ARCHIVEDJune 26, 2009More information
The Water Yield for Canada As a Thirty-year Average (1971 to 2000): Concepts, Methodology and Initial Results - ARCHIVEDJune 1, 2009More information
Controlling the Temperature in Canadian Homes - ARCHIVEDSeptember 25, 2008More information
Canadian Industry's Expenditures to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions - ARCHIVEDJune 25, 2008More information
Environment Surveys of Establishments: The Canadian Experience - ARCHIVEDNovember 23, 2007More information
Behaviour Study on the Water Quality Index of the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment - ARCHIVEDSeptember 19, 2007More information
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Technologies: Industry Expenditures and Business Opportunities - ARCHIVEDOctober 5, 2005More information
Measuring Employment in the Environment Industry - ARCHIVEDApril 6, 2004More information