Industrial Water Use

Tables: 16-401-X


The Industrial Water Survey will provide information about the quantities of water consumed and costs, sources, treatments and discharge of water used for manufacturing, mining and power generating industries. Additional industries will be surveyed in subsequent years.

The Industrial Water Survey uses three separate questionnaires to collect data from respondents, one for manufacturing, one for the mineral extraction industries and another for the thermal-electric power generators.

There is an independent sampling strategy for each of the three sectors. The frame used for sampling purposes is the Statistics Canada Business Register.

The sample for the thermal-electric power generating stations is a census. A probability design is used for sample selection in the manufacturing and mineral extraction sectors.


Please note that preliminary data were used in this publication. Please refer to CANSIM tables 153-0047 to 153-0051; 153-0067 to 153-0097 for revised data.

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Author(s): Cameron, Murray
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