Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Private Vehicles in Canada, 1990 to 2007 - ARCHIVED

Articles and reports: 16-001-M2010012


The paper examines the contribution of the household sector to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Canada, through its use of private motor vehicles. Emissions estimates are presented at national, provincial and census metropolitan area (CMA) levels. The study uses data from the Canadian Vehicle Survey (CVS), conducted by Statistics Canada's Transportation Division and the Material and Energy Flow Accounts (MEFA) from Environment Accounts and Energy Statistics Division (EASD).

At the national level the study presents estimates of vehicle emissions, GHG intensity, as well as per capita emissions. Total and per capita emissions by income group are also presented at the national level. At the provincial and CMA levels, the study presents the first survey based estimates of total and per capita vehicle emissions. It also explores the regional differences and examines the contributing factors.

Issue Number: 2010012
Author(s): Terefe, Berouk
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