Pension Coverage, Retirement Status, and Earnings Replacement Rates Among a Cohort of Canadian Seniors - ARCHIVED

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Data from the Longitudinal Administrative Data (LAD) base are used to compare the retirement status and earnings replacement rates achieved by individuals who were, and individuals who were not, Registered Pension Plan members in 1991 and/or 1992, when they were in their mid-fifties. Among men in this cohort, the likelihood of being retired at age 70 to 72 was about 4 to 14 percentage points higher among pension plan members than non-members. Data used for the study do not provide information on why RPP non-members tend to retire later than do members. Among retired individuals, earnings replacement rates did not differ significantly between RPP members and non-members.

Issue Number: 2009321
Author(s): Ostrovsky, Yuri; Schellenberg, Grant
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