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(Released: 2023-01-04)

Survey Methodology

(Released: 2022-12-15)

Study: Attrition in the Longitudinal and International Study of Adults, Wave 1 (2012) to Wave 4 (2018)

(Released: 2022-11-14)

Classification of Instructional Programs


(Released: 2022-11-08)

New videos available today from the Data Literacy Training Initiative

(Released: 2022-10-17)

Two new National Occupational Classification variants

(Released: 2022-07-11)

North American Product Classification System (NAPCS) Canada

(Released: 2022-03-31)

30th Anniversary of the Fundamental principles of Statistics

(Released: 2022-02-11)

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada


(Released: 2022-01-27)

Social Policy Simulation Database and Model, version 29.0

(Released: 2022-01-17)

Study: A 30-year look at the work histories of Canadian workers

(Released: 2021-12-09)

Gender, Diversity and Inclusion Statistics Hub

(Released: 2021-12-08)

2021 Census geographic and reference products

(Released: 2021-11-17)

National Occupational Classification


(Released: 2021-09-21)

Data literacy, Statistics: Power from Data

(Released: 2021-09-02)

Innovation and expertise in research: Multi-year consolidated plan for research, modelling and data development

2021 to 2023

(Released: 2021-08-12)

Demographic Documents: Defining Canada's Downtown Neighbourhoods: 2016 Boundaries

(Released: 2021-05-11)

The COVID-19 Risk/Reward Assessment Tool

(Released: 2021-04-15)

Proximity Measures Database: Additional indicators

(Released: 2021-03-15)

Revisions to the Bank of Canada's preferred measures of core inflation

(Released: 2021-02-22)

Study: Measuring proximity to services and amenities

(Released: 2021-02-15)

How to cite Statistics Canada products

(Released: 2021-01-11)

Release dates


(Released: 2020-12-22)

Redesign of the National Occupational Classification 2021

(Released: 2020-11-05)

Social Policy Simulation Database and Model, COVID-19 glass box

version 3.0

(Released: 2020-10-14)

Canadian Data Science Network

(Released: 2020-10-07)

Canadian Research and Development Classification

(Released: 2020-10-05)

Begin your data journey with data literacy training videos

(Released: 2020-09-23)

Canada up close: What we can learn from disaggregated data

(Released: 2020-09-10)

Canadian Statistical Geospatial Explorer

July 2020 (update)

(Released: 2020-07-31)

Quarterly estimates of business entry and exit

fourth quarter 2019

(Released: 2020-07-27)

Tested and trusted statistical standards

(Released: 2020-07-24)

Statistics Canada Data Strategy: Delivering insight through data for a better Canada

2019 to 2022

(Released: 2020-04-30)

Our commitment to serve Canadians during the COVID-19 pandemic

(Released: 2020-03-30)

Impact of COVID-19 on Statistics Canada publishing activities

(Released: 2020-03-18)

Statistics Canada's Trust Centre

(Released: 2020-01-28)

Canadian Housing Survey: A profile of first-time homebuyers


(Released: 2020-01-15)

Study: Measuring the gig economy in Canada using administrative data

(Released: 2019-12-16)

Quality guidelines

(Released: 2019-12-04)

Residential Dwelling Address Test File

(Released: 2019-11-26)

Measuring and analyzing the gender pay gap: A conceptual and methodological overview

(Released: 2019-08-30)

Did you know?

(Released: 2019-08-30)

Announcement: Upcoming release on measuring and analyzing the gender pay gap

(Released: 2019-08-28)

Suicide among First Nations people, Métis and Inuit (2011-2016): Findings from the 2011 Canadian Census Health and Environment Cohort (CanCHEC)

(Released: 2019-06-28)

Methodology used to create indicators of profit shifting by multinational enterprises operating in Canada

(Released: 2019-06-14)

Video: Joe Anonymous

(Released: 2019-06-06)

Analysis at Statistics Canada: Analytical Studies Branch Annual Consolidated Plan for Research, Data Development and Modelling


(Released: 2019-05-29)

National Road Network

(Released: 2019-04-12)

2021 Census of Population Consultation Results: What we heard from Canadians

(Released: 2019-04-08)

Geospatial web services for socioeconomic variables

(Released: 2019-03-19)

Modernizing to reduce response burden

(Released: 2019-01-25)

StatCan Blog: Reducing response burden imposed on farmers and businesses

(Released: 2019-01-21)

Shaping a modern and responsive statistical agency for the next century

(Released: 2018-12-03)

Presenting data in new, modern ways

(Released: 2018-12-03)

Fifty years of data tables at Statistics Canada

(Released: 2018-12-03)

Ivan Fellegi: A statistician who made his mark

(Released: 2018-12-03)

A 100 years and more of statistics acts

(Released: 2018-12-03)

Research blog: Projecting the future of health in Canada using microsimulation modelling

(Released: 2018-11-09)

Chat session: Statistics Canada is using new data sources to give Canadians sound measures of the new economy

(Released: 2018-11-01)

Investment in new housing construction

August 2018

(Released: 2018-10-22)

Study: Preparing the social statistics system for the legalization of cannabis

(Released: 2018-10-12)

2017/2018 Year in Review: Modernization in motion

(Released: 2018-10-12)

New version of NAPCS Canada 2017

(Released: 2018-10-11)

Engaging Canadians: Statistics Canada's national dialogue

(Released: 2018-10-10)


(Released: 2018-09-25)

New version of NAICS Canada 2017

(Released: 2018-09-20)

Residential construction investment

second quarter 2018

(Released: 2018-09-04)

Social Policy Simulation Database and Model, version 26.0

(Released: 2018-01-08)

Study: Experimental Estimates of Cannabis Consumption in Canada

1960 to 2015

(Released: 2017-12-18)

Study: A Long-run Version of the Bank of Canada Commodity Price Index

1870 to 2015

(Released: 2017-10-11)

The DYSEM Microsimulation Modelling Platform

(Released: 2017-07-28)

StatCan Blog: Framing quality management

(Released: 2017-05-12)

Statistics Canada's Quality Assurance Framework

(Released: 2017-04-21)

StatCan Blog: StatCan and the Alberta wildfire

(Released: 2017-03-16)

StatCan Blog: The road to open data

(Released: 2017-03-09)

StatCan Blog: Measuring the economy, region by region

(Released: 2017-01-30)

StatCan Blog

December 2016

(Released: 2016-12-23)

Study: The measurement of firm entry in the longitudinal employment analysis program

(Released: 2016-11-10)

Study: The 2001 Canadian Census–Tax–Mortality Cohort: A 10-year follow-up

(Released: 2016-10-26)

North American Industry Classification System Canada 2017

(Released: 2016-09-29)

Canadian Classification of Institutional Units and Sectors


(Released: 2016-02-11)

Study: The feasibility of adding treatment data to the Canadian Cancer Registry using record linkage

(Released: 2015-11-23)

Real-time CANSIM tables

(Released: 2015-09-22)

Business statistics: A new approach

(Released: 2015-06-17)

Study: Quarterly business and employment dynamics: Experimental estimates

first quarter 2001 to third quarter 2014

(Released: 2015-03-31)

Study: Assessing the impact of potentially influential observations in weighted logistic regression

(Released: 2015-03-25)

Researcher's Blog

(Released: 2015-02-03)

Sampling and Weighting Technical Report: National Household Survey


(Released: 2015-01-28)

Beta testing: Revising how Statistics Canada publishes information

November 12 to December 12, 2014

(Released: 2014-11-12)

Study: Testing for provincial industrial restructuring during the 2000s

2000 to 2010

(Released: 2014-05-07)

Data Inventory Project


(Released: 2013-04-22)

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