Market Basket Measure (MBM) thresholds for the reference family by Market Basket Measure region, component and base year1 2 3

Frequency: Annual

Table: 11-10-0066-01

Geography: Census metropolitan area, Census agglomeration, Census metropolitan area part

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This table displays the results of Market Basket Measure (MBM) thresholds for the reference family by Market Basket Measure region, component and base year.
The table type is Simple.
The information is grouped by Geography (appearing as row headers).
For the column header, Row 1 is Dollar concept, Row 2 is Base year, Row 3 is Component, Row 4 is Reference period.
2018 constant dollars
2008 base
Total threshold
Geography4 20142015201620172018
Newfoundland and Labrador, rural 41,91242,49441,81940,49039,802
Newfoundland and Labrador, population under 30,000 42,51643,10042,41541,07040,375
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador (map)40,01340,61439,98239,02238,536
Prince Edward Island, rural 39,62040,66840,66039,31938,338
Prince Edward Island, population under 30,000 40,48441,54341,52940,17639,184
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (map)39,11140,18340,12238,50937,591
Nova Scotia, rural 39,96141,05440,67339,31338,741
Nova Scotia, population under 30,000 40,15041,24440,86439,50238,927
Nova Scotia, population 30,000 to 99,999 38,00039,16738,76237,05636,607
Halifax, Nova Scotia (map)38,76039,47839,50938,23537,816
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (map)36,28036,87836,90935,41335,524
New Brunswick, rural 40,13141,12340,33538,88838,713
New Brunswick, population under 30,000 40,73841,73140,93439,47739,297
New Brunswick, population 30,000 to 99,999 40,12441,11740,32938,88238,707
Fredericton, New Brunswick (map)40,77741,94541,50839,84939,675
Saint John, New Brunswick (map)37,76239,19938,85237,41437,302
Moncton, New Brunswick (map)37,12437,94237,34036,40036,212
Quebec, rural 35,53335,72435,55935,37835,096
Quebec, population under 30,000 35,62535,81535,65135,46935,186
Quebec, population 30,000 to 99,999 33,51633,98933,86033,40733,115
Quebec, population 100,000 to 499,999 34,47234,97334,86434,43934,163
Québec, Quebec (map)34,99135,48835,40435,06634,835
Montréal, Québec (map)36,28636,73836,45536,04235,640
Ontario, rural 38,16438,90538,40738,11438,057
Ontario, population under 30,000 37,94838,69138,19337,90237,847
Ontario, population 30,000 to 99,999 35,56036,41135,98235,12034,932
Ontario, population 100,000 to 499,999 38,53139,11538,76837,97137,800
Ottawa-Gatineau, Ontario part, Ontario/Quebec (map)41,62342,29542,23941,82241,546
Hamilton/Burlington, Ontario 38,55039,29639,21738,60738,337
Toronto, Ontario (map)43,16343,52143,22742,39642,101
Manitoba, rural 37,15437,46236,51536,00536,091
Manitoba, population under 30,000 38,61638,93037,97837,45837,528
Brandon, Manitoba (map)36,23536,67635,74435,10235,121
Winnipeg, Manitoba (map)38,00438,48237,72337,43537,510
Saskatchewan, rural 38,72139,47338,50438,06737,533
Saskatchewan, population under 30,000 39,87640,63039,64539,18738,634
Saskatchewan, population 30,000 to 99,999 37,45438,28937,32836,56035,791
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (map)40,12040,18139,59138,83037,849
Regina, Saskatchewan (map)38,76139,56939,36538,75937,873
Alberta, rural 40,43741,38040,58240,31340,183
Alberta, population under 30,000 41,94042,89742,06441,75741,598
Alberta, population 30,000 to 99,999 41,34142,37241,49840,91940,371
Alberta, population 100,000 to 499,999 39,80640,72339,83839,14338,630
Edmonton, Alberta (map)39,79540,80840,23139,32338,584
Calgary, Alberta (map)41,75742,67042,08841,17240,452
British Columbia, rural 38,93139,67939,41338,82538,527
British Columbia, population under 30,000 38,94739,69639,43038,84238,543
British Columbia, population 30,000 to 99,999 36,54837,42737,16836,38635,795
British Columbia, population 100,000 to 499,999 41,11241,58940,97740,39839,846
Vancouver, British Columbia (map)42,47142,94742,08741,36540,644

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