Education in Canada: Raising the Standard, 2001 Census - ARCHIVED

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This report provides information on the changes that took place in the education profile of the Canadian population through the last decade. Results from the 2001 Census show that the Canadian population is better educated than ever before. Declines in the number of people with less than a high school education have been offset by considerable growth in the number of college and university graduates. The report includes an analysis of subject areas that were studied for the population with trade school, college, or university credentials. Census results also indicate that the Canadian population continues to make a strong commitment to learning.

These data are used by governments, schools, teachers' organizations and other entities to create policy and establish practices related to the education system in Canada. Information on the education profile of particular segments of the Canadian population, such as specific age groups, males and females, recent immigrants to Canada, and members of the Aboriginal identity population, is available through census data. The report also highlights the education profile of each province and territory, and of a number of smaller geographic areas.

This series includes a number of comprehensive articles that supplement the day-of-release information launched through The Daily. These catalogued articles provide an analytical perspective on the 2001 Census release topics. The number and length of these articles vary for each census release and are based on the 21 census release topics disseminated over 8 major release dates.

More focused articles were disseminated as major releases in The Dailyin the weeks following the official release of the data. Other more specialized articles were also announced in The Daily. The articles in the 2001 Census Analysis Series are available free of charge via the Internet.

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