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This chapter of Women in Canada introduces selected socio-demographic and ethnocultural characteristics of the female population in Canada. Accounting for approximately half of the population, women and girls are characterized by different historical social and demographic trajectories that distinguish them from men and boys in this country. In order to effectively plan and develop programs and policy directed toward women and girls, it is necessary to understand trends pertaining to population growth and age structure, as well as the consequences of these patterns on population aging and the composition of the population, and how these might vary by sex. Among the topics to be examined in this chapter are the shares of women and girls in the total population, trends by age, including historical comparisons and some regional differences across the provinces and territories. Selected aspects of diversity within the female population will also be presented, including Aboriginal identity, immigrant status and visible minority status, as well as trends related to residential mobility, marital status, language and religion.

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Author(s): Milan, Anne
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