Canadian Internet Use Survey - Public Use Microdata File

Public use microdata: 56M0003X


The public use microdata file (PUMF) from the Canadian Internet Use Survey (CIUS) provides data on the adoption and use of digital technologies and the online behaviors of individuals 15 years of age and older living in the ten provinces of Canada.

The survey is built off the previous iteration of the CIUS, last conducted in 2012. While there is some comparability with the 2012 CIUS, the 2018 survey was redesigned in 2018 to reflect the rapid pace at which Internet technology has evolved since the previous survey iteration.

The files include information on how individuals use the Internet, smartphones, and social networking websites and apps, including their intensity of use, demand for certain online activities, and interactions through these technologies.

It also provides information on the use of online government services, digital skills, online work, and security, privacy and trust as it relates to the Internet.


Electronic File Transfer Service (EFTS): This service allows individuals or external organizations to download electronic files from Statistics Canada via a secure Internet connection.

Frequency: Occasional
Available formats: HTML, EFT, CD-ROM (discontinued)