Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators: Socio-economic Information - ARCHIVED

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This annual report provides supporting information to the main Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators report, which presents indicators for water quality, air quality and greenhouse gas emissions. This report provides contextual information on the human activities that have influenced the environmental indicators. Socio-economic information is divided into three broad categories: land, population and economy. Selected data from the Censuses of Population and Agriculture are also provided in the form of regional profiles for major drainage areas and sub-drainage areas of Canada. The indicators are intended to assist those in government responsible for developing policy and measuring performance, while also helping individual Canadians who want to know more about the trends in their environment.

The indicator reports from 2005 to 2007 can be found below. All later indicator reports can be found on Environment Canada's site:

More detail on some of the socio-economic information found in the Environment Canada indicator reports can be found here: National economic accounts: Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators

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