Towards a New Canadian Asset and Debt Survey - a Content Discussion Paper - ARCHIVED

Notices and consultations: 13F0026M1999001


The main objectives of a new Canadian survey measuring asset and debt holding of families and individuals will be to update wealth information that is over one decade old; to improve the reliability of the wealth estimates; and, to provide a primary tool for analysing many important policy issues related to the distribution of assets and debts, future consumption possibilities, and savings behaviour that is of interest to governments, business and communities.

This paper is the document that launched the development of the new asset and debt survey, subsequently renamed the Survey of Financial Security. It looks at the conceptual framework for the survey, including the appropriate unit of measurement (family, household or person) and discusses measurement issues such as establishing an accounting framework for assets and debts. The variables proposed for inclusion are also identified. The paper poses several questions to readers and asks for comments and feedback.

Issue Number: 1999001
Author(s): Maser, Karen; Shields, Margot; Webber, Maryanne; Zyblock, Miles
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PDFMarch 23, 1999