Do Layoffs Increase Transitions to Postsecondary Education Among Adults? - ARCHIVED

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Every year, thousands of workers lose their job in many industrialized countries (OECD 2013). Faced with job loss, displaced workers may choose to return to school to help them reintegrate into the labour force. Job losses in a given local labour market may also induce workers who have not yet been laid off to pre-emptively enrol in postsecondary (PS) institutions, as a precautionary measure. Combining microdata and grouped data, this study examines these two dimensions of the relationship between layoffs and PS enrolment over the 2001-to-2011 period.

Issue Number: 2016380
Author(s): Ci, Wen; Frenette, Marc; Morissette, René
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HTMLJuly 19, 2016
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