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Greenhouse, sod and nursery industries, 2018


Filtered results

Estimates of greenhouse total area and months of operation (annual)


Estimates of specialized greenhouse operations, greenhouse area, and months of operation (annual)


Production of potted plants, cut flowers, cuttings, by variety and tree seedlings (annual)


Channels of distribution for horticulture product sales and resales (annual)


Total value of greenhouse products (annual)


Specialized greenhouse producers' operating expenses (annual)


Total greenhouse, sod and nursery employees (annual)


Total number of employees of specialized greenhouse operations (annual)


Estimates of nursery area (annual)


Nursery tree and plant production (annual)


Nursery stock sales and resales (annual)


Channels of distribution for nursery product sales and resales (annual)


Estimates of sod area, sales and resales (annual)


Greenhouse producers' operating expenses (annual)


Production and sale of greenhouse flowers and plants (annual)


Estimates of field-grown cut flowers area, production and sales (annual)


Nursery and sod producers' operating expenses (annual)


Production and value of greenhouse vegetables (annual)


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