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Pathways indicators for registered apprentices in Canada


(Released: 2024-06-14)

New entrants to postsecondary education, by Indigenous identity

(Released: 2024-05-15)

Study: Enrolment and persistence in postsecondary education among high school graduates in British Columbia: A focus on special needs status

(Released: 2024-05-08)

Number and salaries of full-time teaching staff at Canadian universities (partial)


(Released: 2024-04-29)

Labour market outcomes for college and university graduates

(Released: 2024-04-17)

Study: High school graduation in British Columbia from 2010/2011 to 2018/2019: A focus on special needs status

(Released: 2024-04-05)

Canadian Survey on Disability: Data Tables

(Released: 2024-03-28)

Education Indicators in Canada

(Released: 2024-03-28)

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the postsecondary graduating class of 2020

(Released: 2024-03-22)

Participation in regular French programs in Canada outside Quebec, 2021: Maps, key facts and data table

(Released: 2024-03-14)

2021 Census of Population: Analytical product on participation in French immersion

(Released: 2024-02-28)

Study: Early career quality of employment of Indigenous graduates with a bachelor's degree

2010 to 2018 cohorts

(Released: 2024-02-21)

Public and private spending on elementary and secondary schools


(Released: 2024-02-20)

Study: The school closest to home: Proximity of French-language elementary schools and enrolment in the Maritime provinces

(Released: 2024-02-14)

Student pathways through postsecondary education

2011 to 2021

(Released: 2023-12-19)

College finances in the second year of the pandemic


(Released: 2023-12-18)

Earnings and mobility indicators for newly certified journeypersons in Canada


(Released: 2023-12-14)

Registered apprenticeship training programs


(Released: 2023-12-05)

Economic and Social Reports, placeholder

(Released: 2023-11-22)

Canadian postsecondary enrolments and graduates


(Released: 2023-11-22)

Number and salaries of full-time teaching staff at Canadian universities


(Released: 2023-11-01)

Canadian new entrants to postsecondary education, by racialized group

(Released: 2023-10-26)

Elementary–Secondary Education Survey


(Released: 2023-10-12)

Tuition fees for degree programs


(Released: 2023-09-06)

Study: Canadian postsecondary education and labour market outcomes of 2010 economic immigrants to Canada

(Released: 2023-08-15)

University finances in the second year of the pandemic


(Released: 2023-08-03)

Study: Pathways from education to the labour market among Canadian youth

(Released: 2023-07-28)

Proximity Measures Database


(Released: 2023-06-27)

New fact sheets on the learning experiences of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit youth

(Released: 2023-06-21)

Study: Work absences due to injury or illness and employee retention in the child care services industry before the COVID-19 pandemic

(Released: 2023-06-14)

Results of a feasibility study — Students in private postsecondary education


(Released: 2023-06-06)

Area-level measure of the population with less than high school education in Canada


(Released: 2023-05-08)

Study: Childhood factors associated with high school completion or higher education among off-reserve First Nations, Métis, and Inuit children

(Released: 2023-04-06)

Racialized Canadians are less likely to find as good jobs as their non-racialized and non-Indigenous counterparts early in their careers

(Released: 2023-01-18)

Study: Postsecondary students receiving payments from the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) and the Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB) in 2020

(Released: 2023-01-16)

Canada leads the G7 for the most educated workforce, thanks to immigrants, young adults and a strong college sector, but is experiencing significant losses in apprenticeship certificate holders in key trades

(Released: 2022-11-30)

Open Database of Educational Facilities

(Released: 2022-11-28)

Study: High school graduation rates in Canada at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

2016/2017 to 2019/2020

(Released: 2022-10-20)

New videos available today from the Data Literacy Training Initiative

(Released: 2022-10-17)

Number and distribution of full-time academic staff at Canadian universities, by age group, academic rank, gender and province

1970 to 2020

(Released: 2022-09-29)

Study: The Rising Popularity of College Postgraduate Credential Programs in Canada

(Released: 2022-09-12)

Persistence and graduation indicators of postsecondary students by parental income, 2012/2013 entry cohort

(Released: 2022-07-19)

Study: Graduates of 2010 to 2018 receiving payments from the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) program in 2020

(Released: 2022-07-06)

Study: Profile of Canadian graduates at the bachelor level belonging to a group designated as a visible minority

2014 to 2017 cohorts

(Released: 2022-06-06)

Educational attainment of women by the relative remoteness of their communities

(Released: 2022-02-08)

Educational participation and attainment of lesbian, gay, and bisexual people in Canada

(Released: 2022-02-01)

Data availability: Number and Salaries of Full-time Teaching Staff at Canadian Universities


(Released: 2021-12-20)

Early childhood and child care services in official minority language

(Released: 2021-11-18)

English and French among educational workers in and outside of Quebec, 2011 to 2016

(Released: 2021-11-16)

Study: Labour market outcomes of journeypersons designated as visible minorities and Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the skilled trades: Canada Emergency Response Benefit

(Released: 2021-11-08)

Study: The achievements, experiences and labour market outcomes of First Nations, Métis and Inuit women with bachelor's degrees or higher

(Released: 2021-10-20)

Study: Youth and education in Canada

(Released: 2021-10-04)

Data tables: Selected arts and culture, and justice occupations and official languages indicators in Canada, 2001 to 2016

(Released: 2021-09-28)

Study: Overqualification among 2012 and 2013 bachelor's graduates

(Released: 2021-09-21)

Study: Projected Financial Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Canadian Universities for the 2020/2021 Academic Year

(Released: 2021-08-18)

Study: The changing sociodemographic characteristics of international students

(Released: 2021-07-28)

Study: Gendered impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the proportion of youth neither in employment nor education at the start of the school year

(Released: 2021-05-25)

Number and proportion of full-time teaching staff at Canadian universities by academic rank and sex

1970/1971 to 2019/2020

(Released: 2021-05-18)

Study: Enrolment of British Columbia high school graduates with special education needs in postsecondary education and apprenticeship programs: A case study of the class of 2009/2010

(Released: 2021-05-03)

Survey on Early Learning and Child Care Arrangements: Data tables


(Released: 2021-04-09)

Study: Completion of a college certificate or diploma after a bachelor's degree

(Released: 2021-04-08)

Survey on early learning and child care arrangements


(Released: 2021-04-07)

School Closures and COVID-19: New tool to understand impacts on children

(Released: 2021-03-15)

Economic and Social Reports, February 2021

(Released: 2021-02-24)

Education indicators in Canada: An international perspective

(Released: 2020-12-14)

National Graduates Survey: Data tables

2018 (class of 2015)

(Released: 2020-12-14)

A profile of Canadians with a mobility disability and groups designated as visible minorities with a disability

(Released: 2020-12-03)

Study: Labour market outcomes of postsecondary graduates, class of 2015

(Released: 2020-11-17)

Sustainable Development Goal fact sheets: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

(Released: 2020-10-20)

Study: The impact of short-duration credentials after an undergraduate degree on labour market outcomes

(Released: 2020-10-16)

Study: A Canada–US Comparison of the Economic Outcomes of STEM Immigrants

(Released: 2020-09-28)

Number of young Canadians NEET doubled this spring

(Released: 2020-09-24)

Survey of Approaches to Educational Planning

(Released: 2020-09-24)

Survey of Postsecondary Faculty and Researchers


(Released: 2020-09-22)

Women and sexual minority students more likely to experience discrimination

(Released: 2020-09-15)

One in ten women students sexually assaulted in a postsecondary setting

(Released: 2020-09-14)

Dimensions of Poverty Hub

September 2020 (update)

(Released: 2020-09-08)

Immigrants nearly three times more likely to experience persistent overqualification than non-immigrants

(Released: 2020-09-02)

Half of recent postsecondary graduates had student debt prior to the pandemic

(Released: 2020-08-25)

Study: Earnings of degree graduates by detailed fields of study prior to COVID-19

(Released: 2020-08-24)

Study: Potential earnings losses among high school and postsecondary graduates due to the COVID-19 economic downturn

(Released: 2020-07-28)

Public elementary and secondary school board revenues and expenditures


(Released: 2020-07-15)

Study: Why are lower-income parents less likely to open an RESP account? The roles of literacy, education and wealth

(Released: 2020-07-06)

Historical data: Tuition fees for degree programs

1972/1973 to 2006/2007

(Released: 2020-06-25)

Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on postsecondary students: Public use microdata file

(Released: 2020-06-24)

Study: International student enrolment in postsecondary education programs prior to COVID-19

(Released: 2020-06-15)

Study: Work-integrated learning in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

(Released: 2020-05-25)

Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on postsecondary students

(Released: 2020-05-12)

A socioeconomic portrait of Canada's Black population

(Released: 2020-02-25)

International Day of Education

(Released: 2020-01-24)

Study: Immigrant skill utilization: Immigrants with STEM education and trends in over-education

(Released: 2019-12-13)

Study: Over-education among university-educated immigrants in Canada and the United States

(Released: 2019-12-03)

Study: Educational and labour market outcomes of children with an immigrant background by their region of origin

2006 and 2016

(Released: 2019-11-15)

Study: A profile of youth not in employment, education or training (NEET) in Canada

2015 to 2017

(Released: 2019-11-01)

Study: A portrait of immigrants working in nursing and health care aide occupations

(Released: 2019-10-17)

Study: The postsecondary experience and early labour market outcomes of international study permit holders

(Released: 2019-09-20)

Study: Upgrading and high school equivalency among the Indigenous population living off reserve

(Released: 2019-09-19)

Education Statistics Portal

(Released: 2019-09-18)

Study: Gender gaps: The effects of pay transparency and women in STEM occupations

(Released: 2019-09-16)

Educational experiences for youth with disabilities

(Released: 2019-09-10)

Study: Obtaining a bachelor's degree from a community college: Earnings outlook and prospects for graduate studies

(Released: 2019-09-09)

Study: Making the transition from school to work: 20- to 24-year-olds not in employment, education or training (NEET) in Canada


(Released: 2019-07-05)

Analysis at Statistics Canada: Analytical Studies Branch Annual Consolidated Plan for Research, Data Development and Modelling


(Released: 2019-05-29)

Study: Persistence and representation of women in STEM programs

(Released: 2019-05-02)

Study: Do Youth from Lower- and Higher-income Families Benefit Equally from Postsecondary Education?

(Released: 2019-04-26)

Study: How Do Women in Male-dominated Apprenticeships Fare in the Labour Market?

(Released: 2019-03-13)

Salary and salary scales of full-time teaching staff at Canadian universities

2011/2012 to 2015/2016 (final)

(Released: 2019-03-01)

Study: Are Mental Health and Neurodevelopmental Conditions Barriers to Postsecondary Access?

(Released: 2019-02-19)

Study: Intergenerational Education Mobility and Labour Market Outcomes: Variation Among the Second Generation of Immigrants in Canada

(Released: 2019-02-18)

Data tables: Canadian postsecondary enrolments and graduates


(Released: 2019-02-18)

Young people not in employment, education or training: What did they do in the past 12 months?

(Released: 2019-02-13)

Study: Are the Career Prospects of Postsecondary Graduates Improving?

(Released: 2019-01-23)

Number and salaries of full-time teaching staff at Canadian universities: Infographic


(Released: 2018-12-14)

Pathways and earnings indicators for registered apprentices in Canada

(Released: 2018-12-05)

Refugees and Canadian Postsecondary Education: Characteristics and Economic Outcomes in Comparison


(Released: 2018-11-14)

Study: The transition from school to work – the NEET (not in employment, education or training) indicator for 25- to 29-year-old women and men in Canada


(Released: 2018-10-10)

Study: Is field of study a factor in the payoff of a graduate degree?


(Released: 2018-09-26)

School's in: Statistics for teachers and students

(Released: 2018-09-10)

Study: Are Canadian jobs more or less skilled than American jobs?

(Released: 2018-06-25)

Study: The transition from school to work – the not in employment, education or training (NEET) indicator for 15 to 19 year olds in Canada


(Released: 2018-02-22)

StatCan Blog: UCASS revisited

(Released: 2018-01-23)

Study: Early motherhood among off-reserve First Nations, Métis and Inuit women


(Released: 2017-12-01)

Education in Canada: Key results from the 2016 Census

(Released: 2017-11-29)

2016 Census of Population advisory: Education, labour, journey to work, language of work, and mobility and migration

(Released: 2017-11-22)

Study: International Students, Immigration and Earnings Growth

(Released: 2017-08-22)

Study: Over-education and life satisfaction among immigrant and non-immigrant workers in Canada

2009 to 2014

(Released: 2017-05-05)

Study: Young men and women without a high school diploma

1990 to 2016

(Released: 2017-05-04)

Study: Which Families Invest in Registered Education Savings Plans and does it Matter for Postsecondary Enrolment?

1999 and 2012

(Released: 2017-04-12)

Study: Labour market outcomes of graduates from universities in the Maritime provinces

2006 to 2011

(Released: 2017-04-11)

Study: Youth postsecondary attendance by parental income and province of residence

2001 to 2014

(Released: 2017-04-10)

Completing an apprenticeship in Canada yields benefits


(Released: 2017-03-29)

Study: The Effects of Education on Canadians' Retirement Savings Behaviour

(Released: 2017-03-27)

Study: Skill requirements of jobs of postsecondary graduates

(Released: 2017-01-24)

Study: Co-op participation of college and bachelor's graduates

1986 to 2010

(Released: 2016-12-07)

Study: International students in Canadian Universities

2004/2005 to 2013/2014

(Released: 2016-10-20)

Study: The literacy skills of New Brunswick francophones

(Released: 2016-09-19)

Study: Overqualification, skills and job satisfaction


(Released: 2016-09-14)

Study: The Canada–US gap in women's labour market participation

1997 to 2015

(Released: 2016-08-17)

Study: Do layoffs increase transitions to postsecondary education among adults?

2001 to 2011

(Released: 2016-07-19)

Women in Canada: Education, qualifications, skills and technology

(Released: 2016-07-06)

Study: Women in scientific occupations in Canada

1991 to 2011

(Released: 2016-06-24)

Study: Literacy and numeracy among off-reserve First Nations people and Métis


(Released: 2016-05-18)

Study: Educational and labour market outcomes of childhood immigrants by admission class

1980 to 2000

(Released: 2016-04-25)

Study: New facts about financial literacy in Canada


(Released: 2016-03-23)

Study: Earnings of postsecondary graduates by detailed field of study


(Released: 2016-03-11)

Study: The association between skills and low income


(Released: 2016-02-24)

Pan-Canadian Education Indicators Program: Data tables

(Released: 2016-01-07)

Study: International students who become permanent residents in Canada

1990 to 2013

(Released: 2015-12-10)

2016 Census teacher's and adult education kits

(Released: 2015-12-01)

Study: Regional differences in the educational outcomes of young immigrants

(Released: 2015-11-18)

Study: Labour market outcomes of young postsecondary graduates

2005 to 2012

(Released: 2015-09-17)

Households and the Environment Survey: Teacher's kit

(Released: 2015-09-17)

Study: Differences in the location of study of university-educated immigrants


(Released: 2015-09-15)

Further postsecondary education and labour market outcomes

March 2014

(Released: 2015-09-11)

Study: Which human capital characteristics best predict the earnings of economic immigrants?

1997 to 1999 and 2002 to 2004

(Released: 2015-08-26)

Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies


(Released: 2015-06-22)

Study: Participation in extracurricular activities and high school completion among off-reserve First Nations people


(Released: 2015-05-13)

Study: Academic outcomes of public and private high school students: What lies behind the differences?

(Released: 2015-03-31)

Study: Career decision-making patterns of Canadian youth and associated postsecondary educational outcomes

2000 to 2010

(Released: 2015-01-27)

National Graduates Survey: Public use microdata file


(Released: 2015-01-12)

Graduating in Canada: Profile, labour market outcomes and student debt of the class of 2009/2010


(Released: 2014-11-14)

Study: University graduates with lower levels of literacy and numeracy skills


(Released: 2014-11-04)

Study: Cumulative earnings by major field of study

1991 to 2010

(Released: 2014-10-28)

Human activity and the environment: Teacher's kit


(Released: 2014-09-24)

Study: The migration of infrastructure tradespersons

2006 to 2011

(Released: 2014-06-05)

Study: Difference in earnings between the less and more highly educated immigrants entering Canada

1984 to 2007

(Released: 2014-05-29)

Study: Wages and full-time employment rates of young high school graduates and bachelor's degree holders

1997 to 2012

(Released: 2014-04-28)

Study: Occupational profile and overqualification of young workers in Canada

1991 to 2011

(Released: 2014-04-02)

Community colleges and vocational schools: Revenues and expenditures

2001/2002 to 2011/2012

(Released: 2014-03-25)

Universities and degree-granting colleges: Revenues and expenditures

2000/2001 to 2011/2012

(Released: 2014-03-25)

Study: The long-term labour market premiums associated with a postsecondary education

1991 to 2010

(Released: 2014-02-27)

Study: Wages, youth employment and school enrollment

2001 to 2008

(Released: 2014-01-13)

Study: Gender differences in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and computer science programs at university

(Released: 2013-12-18)

Programme for International Student Assessment


(Released: 2013-12-03)

Skills in Canada: First results from the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies

2012 (final)

(Released: 2013-10-08)

Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies announcement

2012 (final)

(Released: 2013-09-24)

2011 National Household Survey: Education in Canada: Attainment, field of and location of study

(Released: 2013-06-26)

2011 National Household Survey: Portrait of Canada's labour force

(Released: 2013-06-26)

2011 National Household Survey announcement: Education and Labour

(Released: 2013-06-18)

Study: Certification, completion, and the wages of registered apprentices


(Released: 2012-10-03)

Study: Economic downturn and educational attainment

2008 to 2011

(Released: 2012-06-21)

Education Matters: Insights on Education, Learning and Training in Canada

May 2012

(Released: 2012-05-01)

Public postsecondary enrolments

(Released: 2012-03-19)

Public postsecondary graduates

(Released: 2012-03-19)

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