Ownership type and property use by residential property type and period of construction, New Brunswick1 2 3

Frequency: Annual

Table: 46-10-0053-01

Geography: Province or territory, Census subdivision, Census metropolitan area, Census agglomeration, Census agglomeration part

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This table displays the results of Ownership type and property use by residential property type and period of construction, New Brunswick.
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The information is grouped by Property use, Ownership type (appearing as row headers).
For the column header, Row 1 is Geography, Row 2 is Property type, Row 3 is Period of construction, Row 4 is Reference period, Row 5 is Estimates.
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New Brunswick (map)4
Total, all property types
Total, all periods of construction
Property use7 8 Ownership type1 Number 9 Percentage - Property use Percentage - Ownership type Median assessment value 10 11 Median total living area 11 12 Median assessment value per square foot 11 13
NumberPercentDollarsSquare feetDollars
Total, all property use categories Total, all ownership types 374,995100.0100.097,0001,31085
Individual 349,585100.093.2101,0001,32085
Non-individual 25,415100.06.833,1001,10071
Owner-occupied 8 Total, all ownership types 233,34562.2100.0134,0001,40088
Individual 232,87066.699.8134,0001,40088
Non-individual 4751.90.2110,0001,23081
Not owner-occupied 8 Total, all ownership types 63,86517.0100.078,30096066
Individual 52,70015.182.571,40093665
Non-individual 11,16543.917.5116,0001,09070
Not applicable Total, all ownership types 77,78520.7100.08,000....
Individual 64,01018.382.37,500....
Non-individual 13,77554.217.710,500....

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.. not available for a specific reference period

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.25318/4610005301-eng

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