Physical flows by final demand category1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Frequency: Annual

Table: 38-10-0010-01 (formerly CANSIM 153-0129)

Geography: Canada

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Canada (map)
Energy use by final demand category6, 7, 8Total, industries and households10,996,83111,207,08411,361,96311,351,95611,064,449
Personal expenditure (households)95,071,7375,174,9535,184,7345,132,2585,004,737
Non-profit institutions serving households' consumption expenditure111,093108,41898,41196,769105,683
Government net current expenditure740,246690,849673,054654,628642,227
Gross fixed capital formation1,145,2391,135,2911,084,2111,045,5591,000,447
International exports3,928,5154,097,5724,321,5534,422,7424,311,355
Greenhouse gas emissions by final demand category7, 8Total, industries and households751,000762,520766,435767,289749,146
Personal expenditure (households)9321,915326,486323,396320,517316,401
Non-profit institutions serving households' consumption expenditure5,4955,3424,8484,8855,488
Government net current expenditure40,81037,80436,69836,02536,260
Gross fixed capital formation85,92184,83678,33376,89373,351
International exports296,859308,051323,160328,970317,646
Cubic metres
Water use by final demand category10Total, industries and households (x 1,000)..37,457,754..36,451,889..
Personal expenditure (households) (x 1,000)9..19,657,184..18,767,443..
Non-profit institutions serving households' consumption expenditure (x 1,000)..574,987..492,950..
Government net current expenditure (x 1,000)..2,737,904..2,419,537..
Gross fixed capital formation (x 1,000)..3,047,680..2,565,327..
International exports (x 1,000)..11,439,998..12,206,632..

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