Consumer Price Index, monthly, percentage change, not seasonally adjusted, Canada, provinces, Whitehorse and Yellowknife — Food1, 2, 3

Frequency: Monthly

Table: 18-10-0004-03

Geography: Canada, Province or territory, Census subdivision, Census metropolitan area, Census metropolitan area part

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This table displays the results of Consumer Price Index, monthly, percentage change, not seasonally adjusted, Canada, provinces, Whitehorse and Yellowknife — Food.
The table type is Percentage Change.
The information is grouped by Products and product groups (appearing as row headers).
For the column header, Row 1 is Geography, Row 2 is Reference period.
Canada (map)
Products and product groups3, 4February 2020January 2021February 2021January 2021 to February 2021February 2020 to February 2021
2002=100Percentage change
Food purchased from stores150.6151.7152.60.61.3
Fresh or frozen meat (excluding poultry)175.3179.0174.9-2.3-0.2
Fresh or frozen beef187.2191.7187.7-2.10.3
Fresh or frozen pork148.3150.1145.3-3.2-2.0
Fresh or frozen poultry165.1169.9165.3-2.70.1
Fresh or frozen chicken170.2174.2167.8-3.7-1.4
Processed meat159.5162.2162.90.42.1
Ham and bacon155.1157.8158.60.52.3
Other processed meat165.7168.4169.10.42.1
Fish, seafood and other marine products144.3143.4143.90.3-0.3
Fresh or frozen fish (including portions and fish sticks)157.1152.4154.01.0-2.0
Canned and other preserved fish168.1166.4161.0-3.2-4.2
Dairy products and eggs140.5141.6143.11.11.9
Dairy products138.3138.8140.41.21.5
Fresh milk147.0146.7151.02.92.7
Ice cream and related products127.7131.6133.31.34.4
Bakery and cereal products (excluding baby food)157.9154.2157.11.9-0.5
Bakery products169.0163.1168.63.4-0.2
Bread, rolls and buns181.4175.3185.05.52.0
Cookies and crackers148.9146.6147.90.9-0.7
Other bakery products160.4152.7156.02.2-2.7
Cereal products (excluding baby food)138.7138.2137.4-0.6-0.9
Rice and rice-based mixes154.6149.3147.5-1.2-4.6
Breakfast cereal and other cereal products (excluding baby food)126.0126.9125.2-1.3-0.6
Pasta products152.1149.2152.11.90.0
Flour and flour-based mixes149.8148.1150.41.60.4
Fruit, fruit preparations and nuts137.1140.9143.41.84.6
Fresh fruit133.5137.8141.42.65.9
Other fresh fruit125.2129.3133.43.26.5
Preserved fruit and fruit preparations138.7138.7141.62.12.1
Fruit juices143.5145.0146.71.22.2
Other preserved fruit and fruit preparations129.5127.7131.93.31.9
Nuts and seeds152.8160.9156.4-2.82.4
Vegetables and vegetable preparations161.8162.5163.80.81.2
Fresh vegetables166.5168.1169.00.51.5
Other fresh vegetables176.5181.0182.70.93.5
Preserved vegetables and vegetable preparations146.9145.0147.51.70.4
Frozen and dried vegetables145.6142.5149.75.12.8
Canned vegetables and other vegetable preparations149.1147.5148.00.3-0.7
Other food products and non-alcoholic beverages138.0139.0139.50.41.1
Sugar and confectionery147.5145.9148.01.40.3
Edible fats and oils147.9147.6147.0-0.4-0.6
Coffee and tea134.0131.9131.90.0-1.6
Condiments, spices and vinegars124.6125.3128.12.22.8
Other food preparations142.4144.8145.40.42.1
Non-alcoholic beverages132.1135.1132.4-2.00.2
Food purchased from restaurants5158.3162.6162.90.22.9
Food purchased from table-service restaurants5159.1163.2163.40.12.7
Food purchased from fast food and take-out restaurants5156.5161.3161.80.33.4

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