The Social Determinants of Higher Mental Distress among Inuit - ARCHIVED

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Within the last decade, Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami has identified mental wellness as the single most important health issue for Inuit (Alianait Inuit-specific Mental Wellness Task Group, 2007). Understanding the complex arrangements of circumstances, behaviours and relationships that are associated with mental health—often termed social determinants—may provide a window for policy makers in addressing mental distress among Inuit.

Using the 2012 Aboriginal Peoples Survey, this study examines the social determinants of higher mental distress among Inuit aged 18 years and over, living in Inuit Nunangat. Mental distress was studied using the ten-item Kessler distress scale (K10); and multivariate analysis was conducted using a logistic regression model.

Issue Number: 2015007
Author(s): Anderson, Thomas
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