Disability Supports in Canada, 2001 - Tables - ARCHIVED

Tables: 89-581-X


The 2001 Participation and Activity Limitation Survey (PALS) is a post-censal survey of adults and children who are limited because of a physical condition or health problem. A sample of those persons who answered "Yes" to the 2001 Census disability filter questions were included in the PALS survey population. Approximately 35,000 adults and 8,000 children living in private or collective households in the 10 provinces were selected to participate in the survey. The data were collected in the fall of 2001.

These tables contain data on the use of and need for supports for adults with disabilities, by sex and age groups, for Canada and the provinces.

Note: For a detailed analysis, please see the document A Profile of Disability in Canada, 2001 (Catalogue no. 89-577-XIE).


The last release of Participation and Activity Limitation Survey data was December 3rd. Products no. 89-577, no. 89-578 and no. 89-579 were released.

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