Innovation and the Use of Advanced Technologies in Canada's Mineral Sector: Metal Ore Mining - ARCHIVED

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Statistics Canada conducted the Survey of Innovation 1999 in the fall of 1999. It surveyed manufacturing and was the first survey to study innovation in selected natural resource industries. This publication is part of a series of working papers based largely on the Survey of Innovation 1999. It uses a systems approach to understanding innovation in the mineral sector with a focus on metal ore mining. It also describes a model for the mineral sector system. Descriptive statistics and statistical tables present data for some of the industries included in the system including an analysis of the type of innovation and the innovative activities of mining firms. The publication examines information sources for innovation, objectives of innovation, and firm success factors. Data from the Survey of Electronic Commerce and Technology 2000 are used to explore how improved technologies were introduced to firms.

Issue Number: 2002013
Author(s): Schaan, Susan
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PDFJuly 23, 2002

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