Harmonizing the assessment of allostatic load across cycles of the Canadian Health Measures Survey: Variable selection and calculation method

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Description: The availability of measures to operationalize allostatic load—the cumulative toll on the body of responding to stressor demands—in population health surveys may differ across years or surveys, hampering analyses on the entire sampled population. In this study, the impacts of variable selection and calculation method were evaluated to generate an allostatic load index applicable across all cycles of the Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS). CHMS data were used to compare individual and population-level changes in scores for allostatic load indexes in which other commonly used measures were substituted for waist-to-hip ratio. Associations between the various constructs and indicators of socioeconomic position were then assessed to evaluate whether relationships were maintained across indexes.
Issue Number: 2024005
Author(s): Thomson, Errol M.; Walker, Mike; Halverson-Duncan, Brittany

Main Product: Health Reports

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