Content of the Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics Part B - Income and Wealth Content - ARCHIVED

Surveys and statistical programs – Documentation: 75F0002M1992001


Starting in 1994, the Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics (SLID) will follow individuals and families for at least six years, tracking their labour market experiences, changes in income and family circumstances. An initial proposal for the content of SLID, entitled "Content of the Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics : Discussion Paper", was distributed in February 1992.

That paper served as a background document for consultation with and a review by interested users. The content underwent significant change during this process. Based upon the revised content, a large-scale test of SLID will be conducted in February and May 1993.

The present document outlines the income and wealth content to be tested in May 1993. This document is really a continuation of SLID Research Paper Series 92-01A, which outlines the demographic and labour content used in the January /February 1993 test.

Issue Number: 1992001
Author(s): Allen, Mary; Giles, Philip; Picot, Garnett; Poulin, Susan
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PDFFebruary 29, 2008