The Canadian Immigrant Labour Market in 2007: Analysis by Region of Postsecondary Education - ARCHIVED

Articles and reports: 71-606-X2008004


This series of analytical reports provides an overview of the Canadian labour market experiences of immigrants to Canada, based on data from the Labour Force Survey. These reports examine the labour force characteristics of immigrants, by reporting on employment and unemployment at the Canada level, for the provinces and large metropolitan areas. They also provide more detailed analysis by region of birth, as well as in-depth analysis of other specific aspects of the immigrant labour market.

This is the fourth report in the series. The first two reports analyzed the 2006 labour market experiences of immigrants (a general overview and one specific to country of birth). The third report updated many of these characteristics using 2007 Labour Force Survey data now available. In this fourth report, the focus is on the 2007 labour market experiences of immigrants with postsecondary education, with an analysis by country where the highest level of education was obtained.

Issue Number: 2008004
Author(s): Gilmore, Jason; Le Petit, Christel
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