2001 Food Expenditure Survey, Data Quality Indicators - ARCHIVED

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The Food Expenditure Survey (FES) is a periodic survey collecting data from households on food spending habits. Data are collected mainly using weekly diaries of purchases that the respondents must fill in daily during two consecutive weeks.

The FES, like all surveys, is subject to error despite all the precautions taken at the various stages of the survey to control them. Although there is no exhaustive measure of a survey's data quality, certain quality measures taken at various stages of the survey can provide the user with relevant information to ensure sound data interpretation.

This paper presents, for the 2001 FES, the following quality indicators the coefficients of variation, the non-response rates, the vacancy rates, the slippage rates, the imputation rates as well the impacts of imputation on the estimates.

Issue Number: 2005003
Author(s): Auger, Sylvie; Khan, Khushnood; Nadon, Sylvain; Tremblay, Johanne
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PDFJuly 8, 2005