Cornerstones of Community: Highlights from the National Survey of Nonprofit and Voluntary Organizations - ARCHIVED

Journals and periodicals: 61-533-X


This publication provides the first national portrait of the many thousands of nonprofit and voluntary organizations found in every Canadian community. The data, from the National Survey of Nonprofit and Voluntary Organizations, reveal a set of organizations that are widely diverse in nature, touching virtually every aspect of Canadians' lives.

Frequency: Occasional
Author(s): Berdhal, Loleen; Brock, Kathy; Cucumel, Guy; Davies, Ian; Evers, Terry; Frankel, Sid; Hall, Michael; Johnston, Chris; Jolin, Louis; L. de Wit, Margaret; Lasby, David; McAuley, Julie; McIvor, David; Murray, Vic; Nicol, Richard; Roach, Rob; Rowe, Penelope; Scott, Katherine
Available formats: HTML, PDF, Paper (discontinued)