A profile of businesses in rural Canada, 2017 to 2019

Articles and reports: 21-006-X2022003


This article presents a profile of small and medium businesses in rural Canada, comparing them to their urban counterparts. The reference period for the article is the three years beginning in 2017 and ending in 2019. The characteristics discussed are business counts and average and total annual revenues. These are presented by rural and urban area, size of business, i.e., small or medium, industry, and geographic location (Canada, regions, provinces and territories).This analysis is based on data from the Rural Canada Business Profiles (RCBP) dataset, whose first version, covering 2017 to 2019, inclusive, was released by Statistics Canada on February 4, 2022.

Issue Number: 2022003
Author(s): Khodja, Mahdia; Baxter, Eric; Jafri, Haaris
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HTMLMarch 11, 2022
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