RRSP Contribution Limits (RRSP Room)

Service: 17C0011


Annual information is available on the RRSP contribution limit (RRSP room) available to Canadians for a particular tax year. Data may be requested for people with room by new room, unused room and total room. Information is available for the number of taxfilers with new room, their average age, their median earned income, the average dollar amount of new room and the percentage of new room greater than several predetermined dollar levels.

Data for some geographic areas are available since 1993. The latest data (2017 Room) can be requested for selected levels of postal and census geographies. The statistics are derived from a preliminary version of the annual taxfile provided by the Canada Revenue Agency.


Data for postal areas and census metropolitan areas are available since 1993. Data for census divisions are available since 1995 and data for federal electoral districts, since 1997.

Frequency: Occasional
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