Income Trends in Canada - ARCHIVED

Tables: 13F0022X


This product contains 43 cross-classified income tables, covering the period 1976 to 2007. Most tables include estimates for Canada, the 10 provinces and 15 census metropolitan areas (CMAs). Major topics included in the tables are income distributions and inequality, earnings of men and women, income tax, government transfers, low income and sources of income.

Beyond 20/20 software used in this product allows users to execute very easily common tasks done by analysts and researchers: browse rapidly data, select data of interest, graph or map them or simply save them in a worksheet. Then, from the instantaneous graph, it is very easy to find out trends and pull out highlights.


Note to readers: As of June 2010, 13F0022X Income Trends in Canada will be discontinued and will be merged with 75-202-X Income in Canada beginning with issue number 2008000. For further information, please contact us at Client Services (toll-free 1-888-297-7355; 613-951-7355;, Income Statistics Division.

Status: Discontinued
Frequency: Annual
Available formats: HTML (discontinued), PDF, CD-ROM (discontinued)