Sports: More than just a game

Stats in brief: 11-627-M2024008

Description: This infographic focuses on sports participation, based on data from the Survey Series on People and their Communities - Sport, Workplace Culture, Political Engagement and Shared Values collected from May to July 2023. The infographic presents data for the population aged 15 years and older on sport participation rates, the most popular sports, barriers to sport participation and reasons to participate in sports. This project falls under the Disaggregated Data Action Plan (DDAP) and aims to showcase data on sports participation among racialized individuals and immigrants.
Issue Number: 2024008
Frequency: Occasional
Author(s): Fournier-Savard, Patric; Gagnon, Valerie; Durocher, Dominic
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HTMLMarch 5, 2024
PDFMarch 5, 2024