Using meta-analysis to understand the impact of time-of-use rates - ARCHIVED

Surveys and statistical programs – Documentation: 11-522-X19990015692


Electricity rates that vary by time-of-day have the potential to significantly increase economic efficiency in the energy market. A number of utilities have undertaken economic studies of time-of-use rates schemes for their residential customers. This paper uses meta-analysis to examine the impact of time-of-use rates on electricity demand pooling the results of thirty-eight separate programs. There are four key findings. First, very large peak to off-peak price ratios are needed to significantly affect peak demand. Second, summer peak rates are relatively effective compared to winter peak rates. Third, permanent time-or-use rates are relatively effective compared to experimental ones. Fourth, demand charges rival ordinary time-of-use rates in terms of impact.

Issue Number: 1999001
Author(s): Tiedemann, K. H.
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CD-ROMMarch 2, 2000