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Households and the Environment Survey: Energy use, 2021

Released: 2024-03-19

Total energy consumed by Canadian households

1.3 million terajoules


Average household energy consumption falls in 2021

Canadian households consumed 1.3 million terajoules of energy in their homes in 2021, which is a level similar to 2019. On average, the amount of energy consumed per household was 85.4 gigajoules in 2021, down from 90.5 gigajoules in 2019. Of the total energy consumed in Canadian homes in 2021, natural gas accounted for 51.5%, down 1.9% from 2019; electricity for 45.8%, up 1.9% from 2019; and heating oil for 2.7%, the same as in 2019.

Households in Alberta (121.8 gigajoules), Saskatchewan (101.3 gigajoules), Manitoba (91.9 gigajoules) and Ontario (89.3 gigajoules) reported higher-than-average energy consumption per household compared to the national average, whereas households in the other provinces reported lower than average energy consumption in Canadian homes in 2021.

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  Note to readers

These data come from the energy use supplement of the 2021 Households and the Environment Survey.

Total energy consumption includes only electricity, natural gas and heating oil. It does not include other types of energy such as propane, wood, coal or energy from other sources.

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