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Open Database of Businesses

Released: 2023-11-28

The Open Database of Businesses is now available as part of Statistics Canada's Linkable Open Data Environment (LODE) initiative. The LODE aims to enhance the use, accessibility and harmonization of open microdata from authoritative sources, such as municipal and higher levels of government and professional associations. It also supports the collaboration on open data and their use for the production of official statistics and for geospatial research.

The first version of the database (version 1.0) contains information on approximately 450,000 business records. A variety of business information is featured, including names, addresses, locations, industry classification, and other characteristics when supplied by the data providers.

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  Note to readers

The Open Database of Businesses was made possible by the ongoing efforts of organizations that produce and maintain open data and by the cooperation with Statistics Canada of organizations that have either given permission to include their publicly available data or directly provided their data for release as open data. The contribution and help of these organizations are gratefully acknowledged.

For more information on the Linkable Open Data Environment, visit the Linkable Open Data Environment.


The Open Database of Businesses is now available.

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