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Travel between Canada and other countries, June 2022

Released: 2022-08-23


In June 2022, the number of international arrivals to Canada continued to increase, but still remained less than 2019 levels, before the pandemic.

Residents of overseas countries made over 13 times more trips to Canada in June 2022 compared with the same month in 2021, over half (52.2%) of the trips taken in June 2019.

Likewise, US residents took more than 1.7 million trips to Canada in June 2022. This too was over 13 times the number of trips seen in June 2021, and represented 57.5% of the trips in June 2019.

Canadian residents returned from almost 2.6 million trips in June 2022, nearly seven times more trips compared with June 2021. The number of trips by Canadian residents reached three-fifths (59.9%) of the June 2019 pre-pandemic level.

For more up-to-date estimates of international arrivals into Canada, please see July's "Leading indicator of international arrivals to Canada."

Border restrictions change

Travellers arriving in Canada are required to be fully vaccinated, while not fully vaccinated travellers, regardless of citizenship, are subject to a COVID-19 test on arrival. Random COVID-19 testing at all airports was paused on June 11, 2022 for fully vaccinated travellers, allowing airports to streamline their operations during this first month of the busy summer travel season.

All inbound travellers must continue to use the ArriveCAN App to enter their health information and proof of vaccination within 72 hours of their scheduled arrival into Canada.

As of June 20, vaccination is no longer required to travel by plane or train domestically, or to board international flights. However, proof of vaccination is still required for passengers and crew on cruise ships.

Overseas visitors increase again

In June 2022, 464,100 overseas residents arrived in Canada, representing a sharp jump from the 34,500 such arrivals in June 2021. This now represents more than one half (52.2%) of the overseas residents who arrived in Canada in June 2019, before the pandemic.

The number of visitors from major markets continued to increase in June. However, visitors from Europe—jumping from 10,100 in June 2021 to 244,700 in June 2022—appear to be recovering faster than those from Asia, increasing from 12,300 to 99,000 over the same period.

More US residents arriving

In June 2022, US residents made more than 1.7 million trips to Canada, over 13 times as many trips as in June 2021 (128,400) and representing over half (57.5%) of the trips taken during the same month in 2019.

Of the total arrivals in June 2022, 989,500 were by automobile—with 38.0% being same-day returns (375,600)—an increase from the 117,100 total arrivals by automobile in June 2021 and over half (52.2%) of such arrivals recorded in June 2019, before the pandemic.

Canadians travel to the United States

Canadian residents returned from nearly 2.0 million trips to the United States in June 2022. This was over six times the number recorded in June 2021 (310,900), and 56.9% of the pre-pandemic level from June 2019.

Of the total returning Canadian trips in June 2022, 1.5 million were by automobile, with over three-fifths (63.4%) being same-day trips.

The number of Canadian-resident trips by air returning from the United States was 448,500 in June 2022, up from 25,300 in June 2021, and represented 70.2% of the level recorded in the same month in 2019, before the pandemic.

Compared with May 2022, there were roughly 222,500 fewer Canadians who returned from visiting the United States in June 2022. This monthly decline of 10.1% was somewhat larger than the 7.8% average seasonal May-to-June decline observed in the five years (2015 to 2019) before the pandemic.

Canadians continue to travel overseas

In June 2022, the 571,700 residents who returned from visiting overseas, up sharply from June 2021 (61,200), approached nearly three-quarters (73.2%) of the pre-pandemic level, the highest level of recovery to date.

  Note to readers

Statistics Canada's Frontier Counts program uses Canada Border Services Agency administrative data gathered from all international travellers who have been cleared for entry or re-entry into Canada.

Starting with the January 2022 release, all estimates, including those in Table 1, are based on unadjusted counts only. Seasonally adjusted data continue to be available online in tables 24-10-0051-01 and 24-10-0054-01.

Seasonally adjusted data from March to May 2022 have been revised. No revisions were made to data that were not seasonally adjusted.

Elements of Statistics Canada's Frontier Counts program were modified in January 2022. For example, travellers arriving by commercial air with a trip duration of a year or more and workers are now excluded from the visitor counts. Although these changes should not have a significant impact on total estimates, readers are encouraged to review the concepts, definitions, data sources and methods for Frontier Counts, as well as the explanatory notes for the online tables, especially when making historical comparisons and examining specific regions.

Overseas countries refer to countries other than Canada or the United States.

A Canadian resident visitor is a Canadian resident traveller whose trip purpose outside Canada is related to tourism and whose trip duration is less than one year.

A non-resident visitor is a traveller to Canada whose country of residence is not Canada, whose trip purpose is related to tourism and whose trip duration is less than one year.


The June 2022 issue of International Travel: Advance Information (Catalogue number66-001-P) is now available.

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