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Study: Characteristics of multinational enterprises in Canada

Released: 2019-04-01

In 2016, less than 1% of enterprises in Canada were multinationals. Although they accounted for a small share of total enterprises, multinationals had a significant impact on the Canadian economy. These enterprises employed one in four Canadians and owned 67% of total assets in the financial and non-financial sectors. Multinationals also earned more revenue and held more assets than domestic enterprises in nearly every Canadian industry, and, taking into account their size were generally more profitable than domestic enterprises.

The majority of multinational enterprise affiliates are in the United States, where 58.3% of all parent and 49.9% of all subsidiaries are located.


The analytical study "Characteristics of Multinational Enterprises in Canada" is now available as part of Analysis in Brief (Catalogue number11-621-M).

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