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Release of new content for the Longitudinal Immigration Database

(Released: 2023-06-01)

Economic and Social Reports

May 2023

(Released: 2023-05-24)

Homelessness support is a growing sector of the labour force

(Released: 2023-05-10)

2021 Census of Population: Cluster 3: Data tables—Immigration, ethnocultural diversity and labour

(Released: 2023-05-10)

Educational and economic outcomes of lesbian, gay and bisexual people in Canada: A closer look at Canadian-born, immigrant and racialized populations

(Released: 2023-04-19)

Study: Accumulation of Human Capital in Canada, 1970 to 2020: An Analysis by Gender and the Role of Immigration

(Released: 2023-04-12)

Confidence in the police, the justice system and courts, the Federal Parliament, and the Canadian media varied across racialized groups

(Released: 2023-03-31)

Social inclusion statistics for Canada's ethnocultural groups: New Products!

(Released: 2023-03-29)

Canada's population estimates

(Released: 2023-03-22)

Study: Black Business Owners in Canada

(Released: 2023-02-22)

Health Reports

February 2023

(Released: 2023-02-15)

Socioeconomic outcomes of immigrants admitted to Canada as children


(Released: 2023-01-30)

Housing conditions among racialized groups: A brief overview

(Released: 2023-01-23)

Racialized Canadians are less likely to find as good jobs as their non-racialized and non-Indigenous counterparts early in their careers

(Released: 2023-01-18)

Study: Perceptions of shared values in Canadian society among the immigrant population

(Released: 2022-12-22)

Atlantic Canada experiences a recent uptick in retaining skilled immigrants

(Released: 2022-12-12)

Study: Immigrant women among board directors and officers: From admission in Canada to executive roles

(Released: 2022-12-08)

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the economic integration of many immigrants

(Released: 2022-12-05)

Study: Examining variations in immigrants' lower risk of suicide-related behaviours

(Released: 2022-12-01)

Canada leads the G7 for the most educated workforce, thanks to immigrants, young adults and a strong college sector, but is experiencing significant losses in apprenticeship certificate holders in key trades

(Released: 2022-11-30)

Study: A portrait of citizenship in Canada from the 2021 Census

(Released: 2022-11-09)

Immigrants make up the largest share of the population in over 150 years and continue to shape who we are as Canadians

(Released: 2022-10-26)

The Canadian census: A rich portrait of the country's religious and ethnocultural diversity

(Released: 2022-10-26)

Canada in 2041: A larger, more diverse population with greater differences between regions

(Released: 2022-09-08)

Study: COVID-19 mortality by racialized groups and income


(Released: 2022-08-30)

Immigration as a source of labour supply

(Released: 2022-06-22)

Study: Profile of Canadian graduates at the bachelor level belonging to a group designated as a visible minority

2014 to 2017 cohorts

(Released: 2022-06-06)

Settlement services provided to immigrants to Canada, 2020

(Released: 2022-06-02)

Portrait of the social, political and economic participation of racialized groups

(Released: 2022-05-17)

Hopefulness is declining across Canada: having children or strong ties to a local community associated with a more hopeful outlook

(Released: 2022-05-17)

Comparing weekly earnings of Canadian-born individuals in designated visible minority and White categories

(Released: 2022-01-26)

Study: Labour market outcomes of journeypersons designated as visible minorities and Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the skilled trades: Canada Emergency Response Benefit

(Released: 2021-11-08)

Portrait of Canadian Society: Experiences during the pandemic

(Released: 2021-09-27)

Health Reports, August 2021

(Released: 2021-08-18)

Longitudinal Immigration Database updates: settlement services data


(Released: 2021-08-12)

Study: The changing sociodemographic characteristics of international students

(Released: 2021-07-28)

Study: Access to mental health consultations by immigrants and refugees in Canada

(Released: 2021-06-16)

Study: COVID-19 deaths among immigrants

(Released: 2021-06-09)

Profile of immigrants in nursing and health care support occupations

(Released: 2021-05-28)

A labour market snapshot of South Asian, Chinese and Filipino Canadians during the pandemic

(Released: 2021-05-21)

Study: Diversity among board directors and officers: Exploratory estimates on family, work and income

(Released: 2021-05-18)

Longitudinal Immigration Database: Immigrant children and census metropolitan area tables


(Released: 2021-03-22)

Study: Estimating immigrants' presence in Canada

(Released: 2021-03-16)

Longitudinal Immigration Database: Asylum claimant and immigrant economic region tables


(Released: 2021-03-16)

Study: A labour market snapshot of Black Canadians during the pandemic

(Released: 2021-02-24)

Longitudinal Immigration Database: Birth area and income table


(Released: 2021-02-02)

Income and mobility of immigrants


(Released: 2021-02-01)

A profile of Canadians with a mobility disability and groups designated as visible minorities with a disability

(Released: 2020-12-03)

Study: The long-term labour market integration of refugee claimants who became permanent residents in Canada

(Released: 2020-11-12)

Younger age profile of women in professional occupations

(Released: 2020-10-22)

Study: A Canada–US Comparison of the Economic Outcomes of STEM Immigrants

(Released: 2020-09-28)

Experiences of discrimination during the COVID-19 pandemic

(Released: 2020-09-17)

The positive effects of immigration on firm productivity

(Released: 2020-09-14)

Canada up close: What we can learn from disaggregated data

(Released: 2020-09-10)

Immigrants nearly three times more likely to experience persistent overqualification than non-immigrants

(Released: 2020-09-02)

South Asians report lower levels of mental health than other visible minorities during the pandemic

(Released: 2020-09-02)

Study: Transitions into and out of employment by immigrants during the COVID-19 lockdown and recovery

(Released: 2020-08-20)

Health Reports: Mental health of Canadian immigrants

(Released: 2020-08-19)

Study: Selecting economic immigrants from among temporary foreign workers and labour market outcomes by admission programs

(Released: 2020-08-18)

Study: Changes in the socioeconomic situation of Canada's Black population

(Released: 2020-08-13)

Study: Increasing selection of immigrants from among temporary foreign workers in Canada

(Released: 2020-07-22)

Study: Fear of COVID-19 related stigmatization

(Released: 2020-07-15)

Study: Mental health status of Canadian immigrants during the COVID-19 pandemic

(Released: 2020-07-14)

Study: Perceptions of personal safety among population groups designated as visible minorities in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic

(Released: 2020-07-08)

Study: Economic impact of COVID-19 among visible minority groups

(Released: 2020-07-06)

Study: The contribution of immigrants and population groups designated as visible minorities to nurse aide, orderly and patient service associate occupations

(Released: 2020-06-22)

Study: Innovation in immigrant-owned firms in Canada

(Released: 2020-06-09)

Study: The distribution of temporary foreign workers across industries in Canada

(Released: 2020-06-03)

Study: The social and economic concerns of immigrants during the COVID-19 pandemic

(Released: 2020-05-01)

A socioeconomic portrait of Canada's Black population

(Released: 2020-02-25)

Study: Are refugees more likely to leave initial destinations than economic immigrants?

(Released: 2020-01-28)

Update of the Longitudinal Immigration Database coverage

(Released: 2020-01-21)

Study: The long-term economic outcomes of refugee private sponsorship

(Released: 2020-01-13)

Changes in outcomes of immigrants and non-permanent residents, subprovincial results

(Released: 2020-01-13)

Changes in outcomes of immigrants and non-permanent residents


(Released: 2019-12-16)

Study: Immigrant skill utilization: Immigrants with STEM education and trends in over-education

(Released: 2019-12-13)

Study: Over-education among university-educated immigrants in Canada and the United States

(Released: 2019-12-03)

Study: Examining the effect of public pension benefits on the low income of senior immigrants

(Released: 2019-12-03)

Study: Temporary foreign workers in the Canadian labour force: Open versus employer-specific work permits

(Released: 2019-11-18)

Study: Educational and labour market outcomes of children with an immigrant background by their region of origin

2006 and 2016

(Released: 2019-11-15)

Study: Trends in the citizenship rate among new immigrants to Canada

(Released: 2019-11-13)

Study: The postsecondary experience and early labour market outcomes of international study permit holders

(Released: 2019-09-20)

Study: The role of social capital and ethnocultural characteristics in the employment income of immigrants over time

(Released: 2019-06-19)

Study: Residential Property Ownership Among Refugees in Vancouver and Toronto

(Released: 2019-06-18)

Analysis at Statistics Canada: Analytical Studies Branch Annual Consolidated Plan for Research, Data Development and Modelling


(Released: 2019-05-29)

Addition to Longitudinal Immigration Database: Express Entry Variables

(Released: 2019-05-24)

Just the Facts: Asylum claimants

(Released: 2019-05-17)

Study: Earnings of immigrants and children of immigrants in official language minority populations

(Released: 2019-05-15)

Study: The Impact of Immigrant Business Ownership on International Trade

(Released: 2019-05-13)

Study: Immigrant Entrepreneurs as Job Creators: The Case of Canadian Private Incorporated Companies

(Released: 2019-04-24)

Study on international money transfers


(Released: 2019-04-17)

Health Reports: Healthy immigrant effect by immigrant category in Canada

(Released: 2019-04-17)

Study: The Wealth of Immigrant Families in Canada

(Released: 2019-04-16)

Longitudinal Immigration Database enhancements: Preliminary 2017 wages and salaries data, settlement services data and family income of children data

(Released: 2019-04-16)

Immigrant income by admission year and pre-admission experience


(Released: 2019-03-13)

Immigrant Income by admission year and immigrant admission category


(Released: 2019-03-12)

Study: Labour market outcomes among refugees to Canada

(Released: 2019-03-11)

Immigrant income by landing year and years since landing

1980 to 2005

(Released: 2019-03-11)

Diversity of the Black population in Canada: An overview

(Released: 2019-02-27)

Study: Intergenerational Education Mobility and Labour Market Outcomes: Variation Among the Second Generation of Immigrants in Canada

(Released: 2019-02-18)

Study: Syrian refugees who resettled in Canada in 2015 and 2016

(Released: 2019-02-12)

Study: Immigrant ownership of residential properties in Toronto and Vancouver

2016 and 2017

(Released: 2019-01-29)

Immigration and language in Canada

2011 and 2016

(Released: 2019-01-28)

The Canadian immigrant labour market: Recent trends from 2006 to 2017

(Released: 2018-12-24)

Mobility of immigrant tax filers


(Released: 2018-12-24)

Study: Economic Immigrants in Gateway Cities: Factors Involved in Their Initial Location and Onward Migration Decisions

(Released: 2018-12-07)

Refugees and Canadian Postsecondary Education: Characteristics and Economic Outcomes in Comparison


(Released: 2018-11-14)

StatCan Blog: Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Canada

(Released: 2018-08-30)

Study: The Financing of Immigrant-owned Firms in Canada

(Released: 2018-06-18)

StatCan Blog: Sending money home

(Released: 2018-05-16)

Study: How temporary were Canada's temporary foreign workers?

(Released: 2018-01-29)

Study: The exit and survival patterns of immigrant entrepreneurs

(Released: 2018-01-19)

Longitudinal Immigration Database: Regional tables (Alberta, Atlantic provinces and Manitoba)


(Released: 2018-01-09)

Longitudinal Immigration Database: Regional tables (Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and Saskatchewan)


(Released: 2018-01-08)

Immigration and ethnocultural diversity: Key results from the 2016 Census

(Released: 2017-10-25)

2016 Census of Population advisory: Aboriginal peoples, Immigration and ethnocultural diversity, and Housing

(Released: 2017-10-18)

Study: Chronic low income among immigrants in Canada

(Released: 2017-09-29)

Study: Labour market outcomes before and after acquisition of permanent residence by temporary foreign workers

(Released: 2017-09-21)

Study: International Students, Immigration and Earnings Growth

(Released: 2017-08-22)

StatCan Blog: Transition from temporary foreign workers to permanent residents

(Released: 2017-05-25)

Study: Centre and peripheries: Settlement patterns and social integration of the population with an immigrant background in the Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver metropolitan areas

(Released: 2017-05-08)

Study: Over-education and life satisfaction among immigrant and non-immigrant workers in Canada

2009 to 2014

(Released: 2017-05-05)

Study: Immigrant Businesses in Knowledge-based Industries

(Released: 2017-03-17)

Study: Labour market outcomes of immigrant women who arrive as dependants of economic immigrant principal applicants

(Released: 2017-02-27)

Study: Transition from temporary foreign workers to permanent residents

(Released: 2017-02-21)

Study: A look at immigration, ethnocultural diversity and languages in Canada up to 2036

2011 to 2036

(Released: 2017-01-25)

Study: Health care professionals and official-language minorities in Canada

(Released: 2017-01-06)

Study: Patterns and determinants of immigrants' sense of belonging to Canada and their source country

1980 to 2012

(Released: 2016-10-18)

Study: Understanding the increase in voting rates between the 2011 and 2015 federal elections

(Released: 2016-10-12)

Women in Canada: Education, qualifications, skills and technology

(Released: 2016-07-06)

Canadian Megatrends: 150 years of immigration

(Released: 2016-06-29)

Study: Diversity of young adults living with their parents

1981 to 2011

(Released: 2016-06-15)

Study: Immigrants' initial firm allocation and earnings growth

1999 to 2012

(Released: 2016-06-01)

Study: Educational and labour market outcomes of childhood immigrants by admission class

1980 to 2000

(Released: 2016-04-25)

Study: Immigration, business ownership and employment in Canada

2001 to 2010

(Released: 2016-03-21)

Study: The contribution of immigration to the size and ethnocultural diversity of future cohorts of seniors

(Released: 2016-03-09)

Study: Changing immigrant characteristics and entry earnings

(Released: 2016-02-17)

Income of immigrants: Saskatchewan


(Released: 2016-01-25)

Income of immigrants: Manitoba


(Released: 2016-01-22)

Income of immigrants: Atlantic provinces


(Released: 2016-01-21)

Income of immigrants: Alberta


(Released: 2016-01-20)

Income of immigrants: British Columbia


(Released: 2016-01-19)

Income of immigrants: Quebec


(Released: 2016-01-18)

Income of immigrants: Ontario


(Released: 2016-01-15)

Study: Labour market participation of immigrant and Canadian-born wives

2006 to 2014

(Released: 2016-01-07)

Study: International students who become permanent residents in Canada

1990 to 2013

(Released: 2015-12-10)

Study: Regional differences in the educational outcomes of young immigrants

(Released: 2015-11-18)

Study: The earnings advantage of landed immigrants who were previously temporary residents in Canada

1982 to 2011

(Released: 2015-10-23)

Study: Women in Canada: Immigrant women

(Released: 2015-10-21)

Study: Social assistance receipt among refugee claimants in Canada: Evidence from linked administrative data files

1999 to 2011

(Released: 2015-10-15)

Study: Differences in the location of study of university-educated immigrants


(Released: 2015-09-15)

Study: Which human capital characteristics best predict the earnings of economic immigrants?

1997 to 1999 and 2002 to 2004

(Released: 2015-08-26)

Study: Grandparents living with their grandchildren


(Released: 2015-04-14)

Study: Changes in the regional distribution of new immigrants to Canada

(Released: 2015-03-18)

Study: Source-country female labour force participation and the wages of immigrant women in Canada

2006 to 2012

(Released: 2015-01-28)

Study: Immigration, low income and income inequality in Canada: What's new in the 2000s?

(Released: 2014-12-15)

Study: Mixed unions in Canada


(Released: 2014-06-17)

Study: Difference in earnings between the less and more highly educated immigrants entering Canada

1984 to 2007

(Released: 2014-05-29)

2011 National Household Survey: Immigration, place of birth, citizenship, ethnic origin, visible minorities, language and religion

(Released: 2013-05-08)

2011 National Household Survey announcement: Aboriginal Peoples, Immigration and Ethnocultural Diversity

(Released: 2013-05-01)

Health indicator profile, by linguistic characteristic


(Released: 2013-04-03)

Study: Canada's immigrant labour market

2008 to 2011

(Released: 2012-12-14)

Study: Self-employment among immigrants and their children

1981 to 2006

(Released: 2012-04-16)

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