Housing indicators, by tenure including first-time homebuyer status1, 2, 3

Frequency: Every 2 years

Table: 46-10-0036-01

Geography: Canada, Province or territory, Census metropolitan area

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This table displays the results of Housing indicators, by tenure including first-time homebuyer status.
The table type is Simple.
The information is grouped by Selected housing indicators (appearing as row headers).
For the column header, Row 1 is Geography, Row 2 is Dwelling tenure, Row 3 is Reference period, Row 4 is Statistics.
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Canada (map)
Owner who is a first-time homebuyer
Selected housing indicatorsNumber of householdsPercentage of households
Total, structural type of dwelling5, 61,340,700A100.0
Single-detached house709,100A53.0
Semi-detached house98,100B7.3
Row house126,800B9.5
Apartment or flat in a duplex38,500B2.9
Apartment in a building that has five or more storeys129,300B9.6
Apartment in a building that has fewer than five storeys150,500B11.2
Other single-attached house2,700E0.2
Moveable dwelling722,300C1.7
Total, condominium status8, 91,340,800A100.0
Not condominium1,002,100A75.0
Total, satisfaction with dwelling10, 111,340,800A100.0
Very satisfied with dwelling415,500A31.0
Satisfied with dwelling696,900A52.0
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with dwelling184,400B13.8
Dissatisfied with dwelling36,800B2.7
Very dissatisfied with dwelling7,000D0.5
Total, satisfaction with neighbourhood12, 13, 141,340,800A100.0
Very satisfied with neighbourhood537,900A40.0
Satisfied with neighbourhood600,000A45.0
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with neighbourhood148,800B11.1
Dissatisfied with neighbourhood41,500B3.1
Very dissatisfied with neighbourhood12,600D0.9
Moved because the household was forced to move by a landlord, a bank or other financial institution or the government15, 16, 1743,800C3.3
Moved due to a natural disaster or fire15, 16, 175,900E0.4
Moved for a new job or job transfer15, 16, 17105,700B7.9
Moved for a new school15, 16, 1724,800C1.9
Moved to form own household15, 16, 17343,700B26.0
Moved to be closer to family15, 16, 1789,900B6.7
Moved because of a change in household or family size15, 16, 17173,900B13.0
Moved to reduce commuting time15, 16, 1782,100B6.1
Moved to upgrade to a larger dwelling or better quality dwelling15, 16, 17344,100B26.0
Moved to reduce housing costs15, 16, 1783,100B6.2
Moved to be in a more desirable neighbourhood15, 16, 17219,000B16.3
Moved for personal health reasons15, 16, 1723,500C1.8
Moved to become a homeowner15, 16, 17887,500A66.0
Moved for another reason15, 16, 1713,000C1.0

Symbol legend:

E use with caution
A data quality: excellent
B data quality: very good
C data quality: good
D data quality: acceptable

Notes :

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25318/4610003601-eng

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