Police services expenditures, by detailed expenditures (x 1,000)

Frequency: Annual

Table: 35-10-0059-01

Geography: Canada

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Canada1 (map)
Current dollars
Total salaries, wages and benefits3, 4, 512,452,90212,764,949
Total police officers salaries, wages and benefits3, 69,619,65210,124,884
Total civilian personnel salaries, wages and benefits3, 62,514,9262,301,181
Total special constable salaries, wages and benefits3, 6216,029234,445
Total recruit salaries, wages and benefits3, 678,01595,271
Total non-salary operating expenditures4, 52,691,3512,905,344
Vehicle operating and maintenance cost (non-salary operating expenditures)6325,413344,219
Building operating and maintenance cost (non-salary operating expenditures)6336,045365,367
Training and professional development cost (non-salary operating expenditures)693,883102,559
Information technology (IT) operations (non-salary operating expenditures)6251,850280,679
Police equipment (non-salary operating expenditures)6218,914180,513
Contracts for professional services (non-salary operating expenditures)6324,381329,655
All other non-salary operating expenditures1,139,9781,302,352
Total capital expenditures5666,177693,741
Vehicle purchases (capital expenditures)6168,196186,280
New building and capital projects (capital expenditures)6257,012243,154
Information technology (IT) operations (capital expenditures)6128,135131,808
Police equipment (capital expenditures)665,26769,589
All other capital expenditures647,56862,911

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25318/3510005901-eng

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