Business practices tested or used while social distancing measures were in place, by business characteristics

Frequency: Occasional Monthly

Table: 33-10-0238-01

Geography: Canada

This table displays the results of Business practices tested or used while social distancing measures were in place, by business characteristics.
The table type is Simple.
The information is grouped by Business characteristics (appearing as row headers).
For the column header, Row 1 is Business practices tested or used while social distancing measures were in place.
Business characteristicsWorking from home Maintaining business connections virtually Time sheets E-commerce New services or products Staff reporting structure Training Research and development Business practices tested while social distancing measures were in place, none or other
Canada, all provinces and territories 44.541.34.311.68.16.810.65.737.9
Newfoundland and Labrador 44.838.53.811.
Prince Edward Island 42.838.61.815.79.610.89.67.838.0
Nova Scotia 42.842.14.814.
New Brunswick 41.840.04.513.
Saskatchewan 42.444.85.314.
British Columbia 43.543.
Territories 1 43.839.
North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), all industries 44.541.34.311.68.16.810.65.737.9
Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting [11]24.430.52.614.
Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction [21]56.649.57.611.
Utilities [22]57.348.311.26.74.518.015.74.527.0
Construction [23]
Manufacturing [31-33]58.747.65.914.38.58.410.47.024.9
Wholesale trade [41]
Retail trade [44-45]27.729.71.527.
Transportation and warehousing [48-49]37.628.
Information and cultural industries [51]72.661.
Finance and insurance [52]74.574.23.917.38.810.513.12.413.1
Real estate and rental and leasing [53]62.854.72.311.55.45.411.34.723.9
Professional, scientific and technical services [54]60.360.
Management of companies and enterprises [55]58.555.31.612.
Administrative and support, waste management and remediation services [56]45.540.
Educational services [61]57.747.97.17.716.98.320.17.728.7
Health care and social assistance [62]38.638.94.66.810.66.913.74.843.1
Arts, entertainment and recreation [71]53.744.73.29.811.66.312.312.032.1
Accommodation and food services [72]14.817.21.58.410.
Other services (except public administration) [81]42.538.
Public administration [91]92.982.
Business size of employment, all employment sizes 2 44.541.34.311.68.16.810.65.737.9
0 employees 26.730.
1 to 4 employees 35.437.
5 to 19 employees 44.340.64.613.
20 to 99 employees
100 to 249 employees 79.462.
250 to 499 employees
500 or more employees 92.380.37.414.811.313.
Business type, all businesses 44.541.34.311.68.16.810.65.737.9
Government agencies 3 82.069.911.39.89.821.122.63.811.3
Private sector businesses
Non-profit organizations
Majority ownership, all ownerships 4 44.541.34.311.68.16.810.65.737.9
Majority ownership, woman 32.936.52.412.
Majority ownership, First Nations, Métis or Inuit 42.543.52.911.19.28.711.611.135.3
Majority ownership, visible minority
Majority ownership, immigrant to Canada 35.635.
Majority ownership, person with a disability 42.534.96.617.
Majority ownership, other 48.343.34.811.77.67.711.05.035.9


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