Innovation activities conducted, by industry and enterprise size1

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Table: 33-10-0184-01

Geography: Canada, Geographical region of Canada, Province or territory

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This table displays the results of Innovation activities conducted, by industry and enterprise size.
The table type is Simple.
The information is grouped by North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) (appearing as row headers).
For the column header, Row 1 is Geography, Row 2 is Enterprise size, Row 3 is Reference period, Row 4 is Innovation activities.
A symbol legend follows the table.
Canada (map)
Total, all enterprise sizes
North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)Research and experimental development, both in-house and outsourced (contracted out or granted), to other organizations Acquisition or development of advanced technology including machinery and equipment, facilities, software and intellectual property to realize innovation projects Design activities related, both in-house and outsourced (contracted out or granted), to other organizations Employee training specifically for innovation projects Consultation activities with external experts or internal workgroups to devise new ways to organize business activities within the business Activities related to the development and implementation of new marketing methods Market preparation activities directly linked to the introduction of new goods or services Other innovation activities Any innovation activity conducted
Total all surveyed industries 3 23.5A32.7A20.7A32.1A28.2A30.8A19.9A12.2A60.4A
Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting 24.1B42.2B12.4B26.6B24.5B20.4B14.5B10.5B55.4B
Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction 22.2A24.5A17.5A21.1A25.9A17.6A14.7A11.3A52.8B
Utilities 35.7B32.1B25.4B32.6B30.4B29.4B20.4B18.8A67.0B
Construction 10.2B26.8B12.6B26.4B16.9B18.5B5.4A5.9A48.5B
Manufacturing 48.2A43.7A35.4A34.6A28.8A33.6A24.9A12.5A74.4A
Total selected services 4 19.9A30.7A19.1A33.3A31.0A33.9A22.4A13.7A59.8A
Wholesale trade 27.3A31.7A26.0A34.8A31.5A36.8A31.0A15.8A68.7A
Retail trade 7.1A23.0B9.1A30.2B26.6B30.2B17.1B10.2A51.3B
Transportation and warehousing 14.3A37.1B14.6A29.1B25.5B23.3B11.7A7.2A53.0B
All transportation 5 13.5A37.1B14.5A28.7B25.6B23.2B11.3A7.2A52.7B
Postal services, couriers and messengers, warehousing and storage 6 21.5B36.3B15.1B33.3B24.6B24.4B15.5B6.8A55.2B
Information and cultural industries 51.1A39.7A38.6A43.3A43.8A45.4A35.6A23.2A76.5A
Finance and insurance excluding monetary authorities 7 29.9A43.6A32.8A43.7A50.8A49.4A36.4A24.2A73.3A
Real estate and rental and leasing 11.6B27.3B16.8B26.7B27.4B28.3B21.4B13.9B54.7B
Professional, scientific and technical services 41.2A37.0B32.1A40.7B40.7B41.9A28.6A19.8A74.1A
Management of companies and enterprises 17.7B27.0B15.4B25.4B24.1B21.8B11.9B9.3A50.5B
Administrative and support, waste management and remediation services 14.8B31.6B16.1B30.3B25.7B32.9B18.8B11.3B52.3B

Symbol legend:

A data quality: excellent
B data quality: very good

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