Civil aviation balance sheet, Canadian air carriers, Levels I to III, annual1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Frequency: Annual

Table: 23-10-0035-01 (formerly CANSIM 401-0071)

Geography: Canada

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This table displays the results of Civil aviation balance sheet, Canadian air carriers, Levels I to III, annual.
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Total, Canadian air carriers, Levels I to III
Canada (map)
Balance sheet20152016201720182019
Total assets (x 1,000)23,401,66626,326,41329,245,27831,465,35438,028,579
Current assets (x 1,000)6,679,2137,433,8888,372,0849,211,7099,902,848
All other financial assets (x 1,000)72,476,140x2,365,323x4,651,832
Operating property and equipment (x 1,000)819,218,37722,819,30125,137,97126,955,50036,401,587
Less: accumulated depreciation and amortization (x 1,000)6,099,0507,127,8188,418,3109,106,33614,712,215
Non-operating property and equipment (x 1,000)8198,308291,498313,558x495,604
Less: accumulated depreciation and amortization (x 1,000)56,68390,58291,597186,346164,383
All other assets (x 1,000)985,360x1,566,2501,184,5301,453,306
Total liabilities and capital (x 1,000)23,401,66626,326,41329,245,27831,465,35438,028,579
Total liabilities (x 1,000)19,136,67521,197,47621,491,07023,620,68530,126,212
Current liabilities (x 1,000)6,440,4836,989,1407,864,3008,595,6709,963,090
Advances from associated companies and/or shareholders (x 1,000)224,657277,766427,854503,756775,411
Long-term debt and other non-current liabilities (x 1,000)811,474,28612,913,33412,031,21213,276,11017,215,544
Deferred income taxes (x 1,000)472,619432,591550,663589,154565,517
All other liabillities (x 1,000)524,629584,644617,041655,9951,606,651
Total shareholders equity (x 1,000)4,264,9915,128,9377,754,2087,844,6697,902,367
Number of carriers included93989795100
Capital stock (x 1,000)2,920,8902,417,4142,436,8572,346,7202,509,119
Retained earnings (x 1,000)1,142,1732,153,0614,688,3314,871,7274,791,136
All other items (x 1,000)201,928558,461629,019626,222602,112

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