Job tenure by type of work (full- and part-time), annual1

Frequency: Annual

Table: 14-10-0051-01 (formerly CANSIM 282-0038)

Geography: Canada, Province or territory

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This table displays the results of Job tenure by type of work (full- and part-time), annual.
The table type is Simple.
The information is grouped by Job tenure, Type of work (appearing as row headers).
For the column header, Row 1 is Geography, Row 2 is Sex, Row 3 is Age group, Row 4 is Reference period.
Canada (map)
15 years and over
Job tenure3Type of work20152016201720182019
Total employedBoth full and part-time employment (x 1,000)8,523.98,624.88,780.98,899.49,069.6
Full-time employment (x 1,000)46,276.26,348.96,484.76,609.96,747.9
Part-time employment (x 1,000)52,247.72,275.92,296.32,289.52,321.7
1 to 3 monthsBoth full and part-time employment (x 1,000)504.5517.4521.1554.5552.5
Full-time employment (x 1,000)4277.5293.6306.2333.4319.4
Part-time employment (x 1,000)5227.0223.7214.8221.1233.1
4 to 6 monthsBoth full and part-time employment (x 1,000)453.8462.7466.4495.6512.7
Full-time employment (x 1,000)4264.6265.3277.8298.1310.2
Part-time employment (x 1,000)5189.2197.4188.6197.5202.5
7 to 12 monthsBoth full and part-time employment (x 1,000)686.2669.3680.1728.8755.7
Full-time employment (x 1,000)4424.1422.2419.0460.0484.5
Part-time employment (x 1,000)5262.1247.1261.0268.8271.2
13 to 60 monthsBoth full and part-time employment (x 1,000)2,633.02,699.72,713.62,745.12,898.3
Full-time employment (x 1,000)41,866.71,914.41,912.11,960.72,090.4
Part-time employment (x 1,000)5766.3785.3801.5784.4807.9
61 to 120 monthsBoth full and part-time employment (x 1,000)1,621.91,628.71,652.21,579.91,542.7
Full-time employment (x 1,000)41,288.51,289.11,314.11,260.01,253.4
Part-time employment (x 1,000)5333.5339.6338.1319.9289.3
121 to 240 monthsBoth full and part-time employment (x 1,000)1,613.01,646.01,741.51,795.21,789.8
Full-time employment (x 1,000)41,326.81,354.41,447.91,490.31,476.3
Part-time employment (x 1,000)5286.2291.7293.6305.0313.5
241 months or moreBoth full and part-time employment (x 1,000)1,011.41,001.01,006.11,000.31,017.9
Full-time employment (x 1,000)4828.1809.8807.6807.4813.6
Part-time employment (x 1,000)5183.4191.2198.5192.9204.4
Average tenureBoth full and part-time employment99.799.7100.299.097.5
Full-time employment4108.6108.2108.3106.8104.7
Part-time employment574.876.077.176.676.7

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