Neurological conditions in institutions1 2 3

Frequency: Occasional

Table: 13-10-0468-01 (formerly CANSIM 105-1305)

Geography: Canada, Geographical region of Canada, Province or territory

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This table displays the results of Neurological conditions in institutions.
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The information is grouped by Neurological conditions (appearing as row headers).
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Canada (map)3
Total, all ages
Both sexes
Total, number of residents
Number of persons Percent
Neurological conditions2011 / 20122011 / 2012
All conditions 4 170,33564.82
Multiple sclerosis 3,8311.46
Epilepsy 10,6234.04
Cerebral palsy 4,3091.64
Spina bifida 4020.15
Hydrocephalus 1,1620.44
Muscular dystrophy 4960.19
Dystonia 6250.24
Tourette's syndrome 3520.13
Parkinson's disease 12,5144.76
ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease/amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) 2470.09
Huntington's disease 6390.24
Alzheimer's disease or any other dementia 118,04344.92
Stroke 39,79515.14
Brain or spinal cord tumour 1,0420.40
Spinal cord injury 1,1870.45
Brain injury 5,5042.09

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