Life expectancy, at birth and at age 65, by sex, three-year average, Canada, provinces, territories, health regions and peer groups1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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Table: 13-10-0389-01

Geography: Canada, Province or territory, Health region, Local health integration network, Public health unit

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This table displays the results of Life expectancy, at birth and at age 65, by sex, three-year average, Canada, provinces, territories, health regions and peer groups.
The table type is Simple.
The information is grouped by Geography (appearing as row headers).
For the column header, Row 1 is Age group, Row 2 is Sex, Row 3 is Characteristics, Row 4 is Reference period.
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At birth
Both sexes
Life expectancy
Geography7, 13, 142011 to 20132012 to 20142013 to 20152014 to 20162015 to 2017
Newfoundland and Labrador(map)79.579.479.279.379.5
Eastern Regional Health Authority, Newfoundland and Labrador(map)79.779.579.479.679.7
Central Regional Health Authority, Newfoundland and Labrador(map)79.679.479.379.379.5
Western Regional Health Authority, Newfoundland and Labrador(map)79.179.379.479.479.5
Labrador-Grenfell Regional Health Authority, Newfoundland and Labrador(map)79.178.878.077.777.9
Prince Edward Island7(map)80.881.081.481.882.0
Prince Edward Island7(map)80.881.081.481.882.0
Nova Scotia7(map)80.480.580.480.480.4
Zone 1 - Western, Nova Scotia(map)
Zone 2 - Northern, Nova Scotia(map)79.979.979.979.779.5
Zone 3 - Eastern, Nova Scotia(map)
Zone 4 - Central, Nova Scotia(map)
New Brunswick7(map)
Zone 1 (Moncton area), New Brunswick(map)81.982.181.981.881.7
Zone 2 (Saint John area), New Brunswick(map)80.580.780.780.280.1
Zone 3 (Fredericton area), New Brunswick(map)80.580.580.680.880.9
Zone 4 (Edmundston area), New Brunswick(map)80.180.480.080.079.8
Zone 5 (Campbellton area), New Brunswick(map)78.978.978.980.079.4
Zone 6 (Bathurst area), New Brunswick(map)82.081.781.781.581.4
Zone 7 (Miramichi area), New Brunswick(map)81.580.880.279.679.5
Région du Bas-Saint-Laurent, Quebec(map)81.882.181.882.082.2
Région du Saguenay - Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec(map)81.481.481.482.082.5
Région de la Capitale-Nationale, Quebec(map)82.682.782.883.183.3
Région de la Mauricie et du Centre-du-Québec, Quebec(map)81.481.781.882.082.3
Région de l'Estrie, Quebec(map)82.482.382.282.783.1
Région de Montréal, Quebec(map)82.382.582.782.983.1
Région de l'Outaouais, Quebec(map)80.680.981.081.381.5
Région de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Quebec(map)79.979.979.880.380.4
Région de la Côte-Nord, Quebec(map)80.580.780.680.981.1
Région du Nord-du-Québec, Quebec(map)
Région de la Gaspésie - Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec(map)80.480.880.580.580.8
Région de la Chaudière-Appalaches, Quebec(map)82.582.582.682.983.3
Région de Laval, Quebec(map)83.383.583.683.883.9
Région de Lanaudière, Quebec(map)81.081.481.581.882.1
Région des Laurentides, Quebec(map)81.381.581.681.882.1
Région de la Montérégie, Quebec(map)
Région du Nunavik, Quebec(map)67.768.068.669.468.7
Région des Terres-Cries-de-la-Baie-James, Quebec(map)75.976.076.677.177.2
Ontario by Local Health Integration Network7, 1582.382.482.582.682.6
Erie St. Clair Health Integration Network, Ontario(map)
South West Health Integration Network, Ontario(map)81.581.581.481.581.6
Waterloo Wellington Health Integration Network, Ontario(map)
Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant Health Integration Network, Ontario(map)81.581.581.581.581.5
Central West Health Integration Network, Ontario(map)83.883.883.984.084.2
Mississauga Halton Health Integration Network, Ontario(map)
Toronto Central Health Integration Network, Ontario(map)84.484.484.584.584.5
Central Health Integration Network, Ontario(map)84.984.884.884.985.1
Central East Health Integration Network, Ontario(map)82.882.782.882.882.8
South East Health Integration Network, Ontario(map)80.780.780.980.981.0
Champlain Health Integration Network, Ontario(map)82.782.782.882.982.9
North Simcoe Muskoka Health Integration Network, Ontario(map)81.681.581.481.581.5
North East Health Integration Network, Ontario(map)79.479.479.579.679.6
North West Health Integration Network, Ontario(map)78.478.378.378.278.1
Ontario by Health Unit7, 1582.382.482.582.682.6
District of Algoma Health Unit, Ontario(map)79.479.479.679.579.4
Brant County Health Unit, Ontario(map)79.780.080.380.380.2
Durham Regional Health Unit, Ontario(map)82.382.382.482.582.5
Grey Bruce Health Unit, Ontario(map)81.581.681.781.781.6
Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit, Ontario(map)81.280.780.580.780.2
Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit, Ontario(map)
Halton Regional Health Unit, Ontario(map)83.883.984.284.384.5
City of Hamilton Health Unit, Ontario(map)81.681.381.381.281.3
Hastings and Prince Edward Counties Health Unit, Ontario(map)80.380.280.480.180.1
Huron County Health Unit, Ontario(map)81.681.280.680.680.7
Chatham-Kent Health Unit, Ontario(map)80.480.480.180.480.4
Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox and Addington Health Unit, Ontario(map)80.881.081.281.581.5
Lambton Health Unit, Ontario(map)80.881.080.880.780.5
Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit, Ontario(map)
Middlesex-London Health Unit, Ontario(map)81.981.781.781.982.0
Niagara Regional Area Health Unit, Ontario(map)81.381.581.581.681.4
North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit, Ontario(map)80.380.280.080.380.3
Northwestern Health Unit, Ontario(map)77.076.776.776.776.6
City of Ottawa Health Unit, Ontario(map)83.583.583.683.783.7
Peel Regional Health Unit, Ontario(map)84.584.584.684.784.8
Perth District Health Unit, Ontario(map)81.681.881.781.981.7
Peterborough County-City Health Unit, Ontario(map)81.981.881.781.681.5
Porcupine Health Unit, Ontario(map)78.378.
Renfrew County and District Health Unit, Ontario(map)81.481.381.281.281.1
Eastern Ontario Health Unit, Ontario(map)80.980.880.981.181.2
Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit, Ontario(map)81.681.581.581.681.6
Sudbury and District Health Unit, Ontario(map)79.379.479.680.079.8
Thunder Bay District Health Unit, Ontario(map)
Timiskaming Health Unit, Ontario(map)
Waterloo Health Unit, Ontario(map)82.382.
Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Health Unit, Ontario(map)81.981.882.082.282.3
Windsor-Essex County Health Unit, Ontario(map)81.581.481.881.781.7
York Regional Health Unit, Ontario(map)85.485.485.585.585.7
Oxford Elgin St. Thomas Health Unit, Ontario (map)80.780.780.880.780.8
City of Toronto Health Unit, Ontario(map)
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Manitoba7(map)80.880.880.880.880.8
Prairie Mountain Health, Manitoba(map)
Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority, Manitoba(map)79.979.980.079.980.3
Northern Regional Health Authority, Manitoba(map)
Southern Health, Manitoba(map)81.181.481.281.281.0
Sun Country Regional Health Authority, Saskatchewan7, 16(map)80.380.680.781.281.5
Five Hills Regional Health Authority, Saskatchewan(map)80.380.480.580.981.3
Cypress Regional Health Authority, Saskatchewan(map)80.981.381.481.481.4
Regina Qu'Appelle Regional Health Authority, Saskatchewan(map)
Sunrise Regional Health Authority, Saskatchewan(map)79.579.879.579.579.5
Saskatoon Regional Health Authority, Saskatchewan(map)81.581.381.381.281.3
Heartland Regional Health Authority, Saskatchewan(map)81.280.980.780.880.9
Kelsey Trail Regional Health Authority, Saskatchewan(map)78.479.379.279.678.8
Prince Albert Parkland Regional Health Authority, Saskatchewan(map)78.378.678.478.678.3
Prairie North Regional Health Authority, Saskatchewan(map)78.478.178.478.278.8
Mamawetan/Keewatin/Athabasca, Saskatchewan(map)73.874.173.072.873.3
South Zone, Alberta(map)80.680.
Calgary Zone, Alberta(map)
Central Zone, Alberta(map)80.380.079.979.979.9
Edmonton Zone, Alberta(map)81.981.881.881.982.0
North Zone, Alberta(map)79.579.479.179.279.2
British Columbia(map)82.682.782.782.682.4
East Kootenay Health Service Delivery Area, British Columbia(map)81.181.581.181.080.5
Kootenay-Boundary Health Service Delivery Area, British Columbia(map)81.280.580.380.380.4
Okanagan Health Service Delivery Area, British Columbia(map)82.182.382.281.981.2
Thompson/Cariboo Health Service Delivery Area, British Columbia(map)80.580.580.880.579.9
Fraser East Health Service Delivery Area, British Columbia(map)81.781.981.981.581.2
Fraser North Health Service Delivery Area, British Columbia(map)83.683.883.783.783.6
Fraser South Health Service Delivery Area, British Columbia(map)82.782.882.982.982.8
Richmond Health Service Delivery Area, British Columbia(map)85.786.386.786.886.8
Vancouver Health Service Delivery Area, British Columbia(map)
North Shore/Coast Garibaldi Health Service Delivery Area, British Columbia(map)
South Vancouver Island Health Service Delivery Area, British Columbia(map)83.383.583.683.583.3
Central Vancouver Island Health Service Delivery Area, British Columbia(map)81.381.481.581.681.3
North Vancouver Island Health Service Delivery Area, British Columbia(map)81.080.981.181.381.0
Northwest Health Service Delivery Area, British Columbia(map)78.878.878.879.179.1
Northern Interior Health Service Delivery Area, British Columbia(map)79.579.479.279.078.8
Northeast Health Service Delivery Area, British Columbia(map)78.978.978.678.378.0
Yukon7, 17, 18(map)78.678.778.679.0..
Yukon7, 17, 18(map)78.678.778.679.0..
Northwest Territories7(map)77.877.677.677.277.1
Northwest Territories7(map)77.877.677.677.277.1

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