Exports and imports of goods and services, quarterly, Canada, (NAPCS 2017) (x 1,000,000)1

Frequency: Quarterly

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Release date: 2021-06-01

Geography: Canada

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This table displays the results of Exports and imports of goods and services, quarterly, Canada, (NAPCS 2017) (x 1,000,000).
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Chained (2012) dollars
Seasonally adjusted at annual rates
Canada (map)
EstimatesQ1 2021
Total goods and services631,947
Total goods530,245
Farm, fishing and intermediate food products42,795
Farm and fishing products36,196
Intermediate food products6,610
Energy products143,450
Crude oil and crude bitumen111,085
Natural gas, natural gas liquids and related products12,717
Nuclear fuel and other energy products2,389
Refined petroleum energy products10,803
Metal ores and non-metallic minerals19,153
Metal ores and concentrates10,509
Non-metallic minerals8,917
Metal and non-metallic mineral products55,514
Intermediate metal products43,362
Fabricated metal products4,108
Non-metallic mineral products2,024
Waste and scrap of metal and glass6,166
Basic and industrial chemical, plastic and rubber products36,337
Basic chemicals and industrial chemical products22,097
Plastic and rubber products13,865
Waste and scrap of plastic and rubber141
Forestry products and building and packaging materials35,310
Logs, pulpwood and other forestry products391
Pulp and paper11,268
Building and packaging materials23,074
Waste and scrap of wood, wood by-products, paper and paperboard348
Industrial machinery, equipment and parts31,544
Industrial machinery, equipment and parts31,544
Electronic and electrical equipment and parts23,687
Computers and computer peripherals2,500
Communication, and audio and video equipment3,236
Other electronic and electrical machinery, equipment and parts17,991
Motor vehicles and parts62,102
Passenger cars and light trucks37,492
Medium and heavy trucks, buses, and other motor vehicles4,782
Tires; motor vehicle engines and motor vehicle parts20,333
Aircraft and other transportation equipment and parts22,754
Aircraft, aircraft engines and aircraft parts18,513
Other transportation equipment and parts4,421
Consumer goods59,914
Food, beverage and tobacco products23,158
Clothing, footwear and textile products3,921
Paper and published products3,618
Pharmaceutical and medicinal products10,161
Furniture and fixtures5,492
Cleaning products, appliances, and miscellaneous goods and supplies13,174
Special transactions trade3,350
Special transactions trade3,350
Other balance of payments adjustments5,128
Other balance of payments adjustments5,128
Total services101,806
Travel services9,620
Transportation services12,656
Commercial services80,076
General governments services1,176

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.25318/1210013401-eng

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