International merchandise trade for all countries and by Principal Trading Partners, quarterly (x 1,000,000)1, 2, 3

Frequency: Quarterly

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Geography: Canada

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This table displays the results of International merchandise trade for all countries and by Principal Trading Partners, quarterly (x 1,000,000).
The table type is Simple.
The information is grouped by Trade, Principal trading partners (appearing as row headers).
For the column header, Row 1 is Geography, Row 2 is Basis, Row 3 is Seasonal adjustment, Row 4 is Reference period.
Canada (map)
Balance of payments
Seasonally adjusted
TradePrincipal trading partnersQ1 2020Q2 2020Q3 2020Q4 2020Q1 2021
All countries148,809.9115,795.1146,542.0150,205.4151,007.8
United States95,567.167,331.293,748.392,676.794,209.5
European Union415,458.414,142.315,064.415,705.313,124.8
United Kingdom1,979.62,632.12,432.82,357.52,195.8
ExportAll countries139,102.2107,013.2136,882.9140,840.1152,551.4
United States101,994.772,320.8101,028.6100,517.3111,826.3
European Union412,272.010,476.011,891.515,452.57,114.5
United Kingdom5,039.14,219.54,812.07,343.15,372.5
Trade BalanceAll countries-9,707.7-8,781.9-9,659.0-9,365.31,543.6
United States6,427.74,989.67,280.37,840.517,616.7
European Union4-3,186.4-3,666.3-3,172.9-252.7-6,010.3
United Kingdom3,059.51,587.42,379.24,985.63,176.7

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