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Investment in Building Construction 1 2 3

Frequency: Monthly

Table: 34-10-0175-01

Geography: Canada, Province or territory, Census metropolitan area, Census metropolitan area part

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This table displays the results of Investment in Building Construction.
The table type is Simple.
The information is grouped by Geography, Type of structure, Type of work (appearing as row headers).
For the column header, Row 1 is Investment Value, Row 2 is Reference period.
Unadjusted - current
GeographyType of structureType of workDecember 2019January 2020February 2020March 2020April 2020
Canada (map)Total residential and non-residential Types of work, total 15,642,642,12414,432,039,83613,619,578,37412,435,054,4617,027,929,496
Total residential Types of work, total 10,469,861,9479,322,466,2588,614,256,2477,797,987,4894,213,878,837
Single dwelling building total Types of work, total 4,882,754,1334,213,459,0293,745,111,6093,399,344,2001,625,000,717
Multiple dwelling building total Types of work, total 5,587,107,8135,109,007,2284,869,144,6384,398,643,2902,588,878,120
Total non-residential Types of work, total 5,172,780,1785,109,573,5785,005,322,1274,637,066,9722,814,050,658
Total industrial Types of work, total 975,509,690948,158,283908,542,752820,874,985603,053,517
Total commercial Types of work, total 3,035,611,9703,019,781,6282,976,135,7592,771,562,4511,396,612,714
Total institutional and governmental Types of work, total 1,161,658,5171,141,633,6671,120,643,6161,044,629,536814,384,428

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