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Table 11
Use of crime prevention measures, by Aboriginal identity, Canada's ten provinces, 2009
Type of measure taken Aboriginal people Non-Aboriginal people
Do you do any of the following things to make yourself or your personal belongings safer from crime?  
Changed your routine, activities, or avoided certain people or places? 43* 36
Installed new locks or security bars? 28 30
Installed burglar alarms or motion detector lights? 25* 35
Taken a self-defence course? 13 12
Obtained a dog? 16* 9
Obtained a gun? 1E 1
Changed residence or moved? 9E* 4
Carry something to defend yourself or to alert other people? 18 14
When alone and returning to a parked car, check the back seat for intruders before getting into the car? 40 40
Plan your route with safety in mind? 51* 44
Stay at home at night because you are afraid to go out alone? 16* 10
Lock windows and doors at home? 83 85
Rather than walk, use your car, taxi or public transportation for your personal safety? 40* 32
reference category
* Significantly different from reference category (p < 0.05)
E use with caution
Note: Excludes data from the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut.
Statistics Canada, General Social Survey, 2009.
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